2011 RACV Board election results

Following up from my RACV board election post from back in October 2011, here are the results! Turns out they were released a few months ago, seems even I didn’t notice…

From the RACV corporate website:

In accordance with By-Law 6.7 of the Election By-Laws of Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) Ltd, the Returning Officer has declared that the following persons have been elected (in order the candidates were elected):

By Ordinary (Club) and Service Members

Ms S Sheed

Mr J M S Slattery

This result was confirmed by resolution at the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 15 November 2011.

As a refresher, the candidates were:

  • Suzanna Sheed is a lawyer from Shepparton, an incumbent RACV board member since 2003, and a RACV Club member (8 years) and RACV Service member (35 years).
  • Thomas Houlihan is a farm owner and property manager from near Horsham, and a RACV Service member (23 years).
  • Marcus Wigan is a transport academic from Melbourne, and doesn’t appear to be a RACV member.
  • John Slattery is a farm owner and company director from Geelong, an incumbent RACV board member since 2011, and a RACV Club and Service member.
  • John Bailey runs a real estate agency in Wangaratta, and is a RACV Club member and a RACV Service member (26 years).
  • Fred Tonelli is an architect and sessional lecture from Melbourne, and a RACV Service member.

So as you can see, the two incumbents have been returned for another year. I wonder what 2012 will hold?

Ballot paper for the 2011 RACV Board election

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