Property developers and Melbourne’s Chinese New Year Festival

Each year Melbourne’s holds a Chinese New Year Festival, and for the Year of the Dragon things were no different, with the streets of Chinatown being blocked off on January 29 to make way for the festivities. All of the traditional Chinese New Year attractions were there…

Lion dances.

Lion dance outside a Melbourne restaurant for Chinese New Year


Setting off firecrackers outside a Melbourne restaurant for Chinese New Year

Dragon dances.

Dragon dance at the Melbourne Lion dance outside a Melbourne restaurant for Chinese New Year Festival

And the Dai Loong dragon procession.

Dai Loong dragon at the Melbourne Chinese New Year Festival

However, the more profitable part of the festival are the commercial stalls: some are just selling food or drink, while others are putting on the hard sell. First up is the Commonwealth Bank trying to drum up business from the Chinese community.

Seems the Commonwealth Bank is "determined to service and support the Chinese community"

An industry that wasn’t around a few years ago was mobile phone carriers: today companies like LycaMobile and Lebara promote their cheap overseas calls to many migrant communities, pitching themselves as a more convenient alternative to prepaid calling cards for those wanting to save their pennies.

How about some cheap mobile calls to Asia?

As for those people with a bit more money to spend, Melbourne’s property developers are more than happy to speak to you. The most well known is Central Equity: who have spent almost 20 years trying to get Melbourne’s Chinese population to invest in their cookie cutter apartment towers located all over Southbank.

You can't have a Chinese New Year Festival in Melbourne without property spruikers

Not to be left out, “Melbourne’s Inner City Apartment Specialists” were also out looking for potential clients.

More property spruikers at the Melbourne Chinese New Year Festival

And down the road another property developer is spruiking their latest apartment complex to potential investors.

Would you like to buy an apartment?

During my journey along Russell Street I found another half-dozen property developers drumming up business: since they turn up each year I am assuming they manage to chase up a bit of interest.

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