Treating Monday as a Saturday: public holiday timetables

In the lead up to public holidays, Metro Trains Melbourne usually runs full page advertisements in the mX newspaper so that regular rail travellers will be informed of Saturday timetable being in operation. For last year’s Labour Day Metro decided to use taglines “enjoy two Saturdays in one” and “Enjoy Monday like it’s a Saturday. We will be.

'This Labour Day long weekend enjoy two Saturdays in one'

A smart arse such as myself would say “of course you are enjoying it as a Saturday because you run less trains that way” and “spend your extra time waiting for a train because of the weekend timetable!“. Back when I came up with those lines I was a tertiary student forced to cram aboard a train running on Saturday timetables, because the majority of Melbourne universities still run classes on the public holiday.

This year things are a bit different: having graduated from university I can now spend my Monday like a Saturday, but Metro have also changed their tagline to “give your car a holiday this Labour Day”.

'Give your car a holiday this Labour Day'

How am I supposed to be a smart alec with that material?

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