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Making a weekly ticket last all week

A few days ago I returned from a week long trip to Sydney, where I spent every day getting around by train, bus and ferry. While in the city up north I realised I have forgotten how to use magstripe tickets…

I've already forgotten how to make a weekly magstripe ticket last all week!

Getting Myki to refund incorrectly charged fares

I’ve been using Myki on daily commute to work for just over 6 months now, having purchased a Yearly zone 1 pass to beat the 2012 price rise. Like the silent majority of Melburnians my Myki had mostly worked without any major issues, until last week when I got overcharged for travel, leaving me to deal with the byzantine system that is the Myki customer service department.

And that’s why you don’t privatise railway stations

Why does one visit a railway station? For most people it is to catch a train, but unfortunately for some commuters in Melbourne that is easier said than done, since the powers that be decided to flog many stations off to commercial interests who treat them as cash cows. So why do I need to consent to being filmed?

Forgotten manhole covers of Melbourne

Next time you take a walk around the streets of Melbourne CBD, take a look down at the manhole covers beneath your feet: there is a world of defunct names to explore.

Hydraulic Service Power Department manhole cover