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Big wheelie bin, little wheelie bin

Bin night was last night, and out in the suburbs we have three wheelie bins still out on the kerb – each a different size.

Wheelie bins: big, bigger and biggest

The many colours of Melbourne Bike Share

Normally the bicycles that are hired out by Melbourne Bike Share are coloured blue. But what other colours do they come in?

Another odd coloured Melbourne Bike Share bicycle

Red Rooster presents real time train information?

At Southern Cross Station the rightmost screen of the next train displays on each concourse usually display useless advertising: it fits in with the general level of hostility the privately operated station has towards commuters. However in early August 2012 something amazing happened, when Red Rooster advertising took over the screen. So what is so interesting about it?

Red Rooster next train display post-breakfast time

Moving Telstra payphones for fun and profit

A few things have been happening to the payphones in the Melbourne CBD. The first is a change to their colours, but the second is a lot more sneaky.

Telstra payphones after being moved to optimise adverting exposure

Hitting the front page of Reddit

Yesterday I was looking through the statistics for my blog, when I noticed a rather large spike in traffic to my site. So what caused it?