Who is buying advertisements on Metro Trains?

About a year ago Metro Trains Melbourne started to place advertisements inside their trains, when they signed a $10 million, six year contract with media operator S&J Media Group. Thinking back to my daily commute led me to believe private training colleges were spending up big, but that isn’t a scientific process. So which companies are actually buying the space?

Advertisement for the company managing the Comeng interior advertisements: S&J Media Group

To answer this question I did a walkthrough of a Comeng train the other day and started counting – I found that each carriage with a cab has 10 advertising panels inside, with the centre carriage having an extra two panels that are just promotions for the advertising company. Each panel is located above the window line is is around 120 cm long by 30 cm high, and the advertisements repeated themselves when you moved carriages.

Panel 1: ‘Devine Homes’ and ‘Max Therapy Institute’ (private training college):

Panel 1: 'Devine Homes' and 'Max Therapy Institute'

Panel 2: ‘Holmsglen TAFE’ and ‘WEP Host Families’ (exchange students):

Panel 2: 'Holmsglen TAFE' and 'WEP Host Families'

Panel 3: ‘A-Bike folding bikes’ and ‘MyMac computer store’:

Panel 3: 'A-Bike folding bikes' and 'MyMac computer store'

Panel 4: ‘Starfish Music’ website and ‘SAE Institute’ (private training college):

Panel 4: 'Starfish Music' and 'SAE Institute'

Panel 5: ‘Stream Diagnostics methane breath testing’ and ‘Avila College’ (girls secondary college):

Panel 5: 'Stream Diagnostics methane breath testing' and 'Avila College'

Panel 6: ‘Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty’ (private training college) and ‘People Dynamic HR services’:

Panel 6: 'Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty' and 'People Dynamic HR services'

Panel 7: ‘Shuji Sushi’ take away food and ‘The Gordon’ TAFE:

Panel 7: 'Shuji Sushi' and 'The Gordon TAFE'

Panel 8: ‘Golden Waters’ housing estate and ‘Melbourne Snow Travel Expo’:

Panel 8: 'Golden Waters housing estate' and 'Melbourne Snow Travel Expo'

Panel 9: ‘Eureka Skydeck’ and ‘Charles Sturt University’:

Panel 9: 'Eureka Skydeck' and 'Charles Sturt University'

Panel 10: ‘Footscray City Film School’ and ‘Regis Group’ aged care careers:

Panel 10: 'Footscray City Film School' and 'Regis Group aged care'

When I divided the advertisers up by industry and put the data into a chart, we get this:

It seems like my initial thoughts were correct – educational institutions are the main purchasers of advertising space aboard Melbourne’s trains.



Going by this advert I found the other day, the going rate for a single 1/2 size advertising panel is $1 a day. I wonder how long the commitment is for, and whether it is part of a bulk deal for more than one panel.

Advertising panel on a Comeng train - $1 a day for a 1/2 size panel?

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7 Responses to “Who is buying advertisements on Metro Trains?”

  1. Andrew S says:

    Was there a previous contract with Connex? I recall these first appeared in the Alstom-refurbished Comeng trains quite a while back now but they have since spread to the rest of the Comeng fleet and of course the other advertisements on the outside of selected Siemens and X’Trapolis carriages

    My daily commute last year was often greeted with the Australian Nursing Federation campaign for more pay in those panels.

  2. mich says:

    Those a-bikes don’t seem to have done very well. They are having a clearance sale on e-bay.

  3. Tim says:

    Reminds me of the old “Train ads by Locomotion” dot matrix display that never displayed any ads except for the original message.

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