Hitting the front page of Reddit

Yesterday I was looking through the statistics for my blog, when I noticed a rather large spike in traffic to my site. So what caused it?

The answer was Reddit – the massive social news website where people posts links and comment on them. In my case somebody posted a link to my January 2012 blog post about Melbourne’s empty skyscraper to the /RedditDayOf subreddit, where the topic for August 13 was ‘abandoned buildings‘.

Sometime around midnight Melbourne time people upvoting the link promoted it to the front page, where I got 313 hits on the evening of August 13, and another 594 hits on the morning of August 14.

Unfortunately for me traffic from Reddit is a fickle beast, with the traffic to my blog dropping back to normal when the link disappeared back into the depths of Reddit. Such is life… but at least my website appeared to avoid the Slashdot effect!

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