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Billboard advertising and the economic downturn

Does advertising reflect on what society wants, or push us towards what advertisers want us to desire? Going by these two depressing advertisements I found at Central Station in Sydney, it seems that a third motive is ‘reflect upon what society gets forced into when they are hard up for cash‘.

'Top cash for gold' billboard

Backup your WordPress database with a cron job

I run this blog with WordPress on a shared hosting account so I have total control, but it also means I need to make sure everything gets backed up regularly so if my hosting provider derails it, I can quickly get thingsā€¦ back on track. So how do you go about doing it?

Rainbow Ramps at Richmond Station

Each day thousands of Melbournians pass through the pedestrian subways beneath Richmond station while changing between different train lines. But how many of them have noticed that each of the ramps has their own wall tile colour?

Pink to platform 1/2

Getting cash for my totalled car

A story of my first car and how it got totalled, and finding who in Melbourne will give you money to take away a 20 year old car that doesn’t go.

Tilt truck taking away my damaged car

PTV ‘Hub’ at Southern Cross that isn’t a hub

When you look up the word ‘hub’ in the dictionary, it says “A place or thing that forms the effective center of an activity, region, or network”. But Public Transport Victoria seems to have missed the memo, as they managed to create two hubs, right next door to each other!