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Why can’t you tell me where my train is?

It is 5pm on a Friday afternoon, you are standing around at the railway station waiting to head home, but there hasn’t been a train for ten minutes. If you haven’t got your smartphone out to find out what the issue is, then you’ll be listening out for the platform staff making announcements over the public address system. So how do they get kept in the loop?

Comeng arrives into Melbourne Central platform 3

Southern Cross Station and dodgy glue

Southern Cross Station: over the past few years it seems like all they have been doing is construction work, but the station was actually ‘completed’ on 1 August 2006. The private operator then commenced their 30 year concession to operate the station, but going by the shoddy workmanship I’ve seen, it has no hope of lasting that long.

Another week, another batch of poor quality tactile paving needing to be reattached to the concourse

Myer Melbourne and secret tunnels?

On the city block bounded by Lonsdale, Elizabeth, Little Bourke and Swanston Street is the site of the new Emporium shopping centre, being constructed by Grocon on the site of the former Myer Lonsdale Street store. With a picket line blocking access the site for 10 days management needed a way to get workers in, so according to the media they used an underground tunnel to sneak them in. Creative licence, or reality?

A bit more work on the tunnel leading into the David Jones