Rainbow Ramps at Richmond Station

Each day thousands of Melbournians pass through the pedestrian subways beneath Richmond station while changing between different train lines. But how many of them have noticed that each of the ramps has their own wall tile colour?

Pink to platform 1/2

Green to platform 3/4

Blue to platform 7/8

Yellow to platform 5/6

With five ramps serving ten platforms at Richmond, I’ve found pink, green, blue and yellow coloured ones – so what colour is the last one?


The current Richmond station was opened in March 1960, having been constructed in stages during the 1950s to replace the previous six platform station, which was located a short distance to east towards Swan Street. Here is an artists impression from 1955 showing what was planned for the site.

Original 1955 proposal for Richmond station

In the end we got something a lot plainer looking.

Street view

The fifth colour?

The colours of each ramp so far are:

  • Platform 1/2: Pink
  • Platform 3/4: Green
  • Platform 5/6: Yellow
  • Platform 7/8: Blue

And the ramps to platform 9/10? Their walls are pink, the same as platform 1/2.

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3 Responses to “Rainbow Ramps at Richmond Station”

  1. Andrew says:

    I have never noticed the different colours. I recall plans to rebuild the station a year or two ago. Just another government announcement that came to nothing.

  2. […] of the projects that ended this malaise was the rebuilding of Richmond station in 1952-1960. Ten platforms were provided, linked at each end to a pedestrian subway via ramps, as well an […]

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