On hiatus for the next month, starting now

For the next month, this blog is going to be on hiatus – by the time that this blog post goes live, I’m going to be midway between Melbourne and Europe, on a plane that looks a lot like this one.

Qatar Airways Airbus A330-200 (Adrian Pingstone, via Wikimedia Commons)

Above photo by Adrian Pingstone, via Wikimedia Commons

My last big overseas trip was to Hong Kong in 2010, where I took 10,131 photos during a two week period, and then spent the next two years uploading them to Flickr. It also resulted in a spin-off blog named Checkerboard Hill.

This time around my trip passes through Frankfurt, Vienna, Budapest, Transylvania, Bucharest, Kiev, Saint Petersburg and Moscow. I hate to think how many photos I’ll have to go through by the time I get home!

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