Forgetting about the 2012 RACV Board election

A few months ago the RACV Board elections came and went without me noticing – last year I discovered that of the 1.6 million members eligible to vote, only 55,000 or so chose to do so, so I’m not alone. Back in 2011 six candidates were vying for two board seats, but this year the field was much tighter.

Ballot paper for the 2012 RACV Board election

The two candidates with an asterisk beside them – barrister Paula Piccinini and former Foster’s Group chief executive Trevor O’Hoy – are incumbent board members seeking re-election, while the third candidate is Tom Houlihan – an outsider who also ran in the 2011 RACV Board election. His push for a board seat was the topic of two newspaper articles – ‘Houlihan seeks RACV nod‘ in the Weekly Times, and ‘Rural push for RACV board seat‘ in The Age.

Voting closed on October 11, 2012 with the election results placed on the RACV website some time after:

In accordance with By-Law 6.7 of the Election By-Laws of the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) Ltd, the Returning Officer has declared that the following persons have been elected (in order the candidates were elected):

By Ordinary (Club) and Service Members:

P Piccinini

T L O’Hoy

Once again, the two incumbents have been returned for another year – I wonder if 2013 will be another RACV Board election I forget?

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5 Responses to “Forgetting about the 2012 RACV Board election”

  1. Andrew says:

    The name Piccinini keeps cropping up on websites I visit. Not the artist Patricia this time but Paula, Stephen Mayne’s wife.

  2. Andrew S says:

    Sounds a bit like local council elections – voter apathy and the incumbents nearly always win!

    Unfortunately voting is compulsory …

    • Marcus says:

      Very true there – at least making voting option means the RACV doesn’t have anywhere near the number of informal votes as real elections do!

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