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My most viewed blog posts for 2013

I sat down the other evening and had a look at my top 10 most viewed blog posts for 2013. My two findings – my older posts are still popular, and lots of people are interested in abandoned buildings in Melbourne!

Yarra Trams updates TramTracker (then breaks it)

If you catch trams in Melbourne, TramTracker is your best friend – it tells you how far away your next tram is, without you even having to walk to the tram stop. That was until this week, when Yarra Trams rolled out an update to the TramTracker website that rendered unusable on many devices, and clunky to use on the remainder.

Useless home page of TramTracker

Why are Melbourne’s trains covered with graffiti?

If you are a regular user of Melbourne’s rail network, you might have noticed that the number of graffiti murals covering in-service trains has exploded over the past few years. So why has the vandalism become so visible, compared to the ‘old days’?

Kinda odd - massive mural on the side, but no 'P with arrow' on the cab

Disappearing tram stops on Elizabeth Street

Earlier this week Yarra Trams closed another tram stop in the Melbourne CBD – this time it was stop 6 at Elizabeth and Franklin Streets. This isn’t the first stop to disappear on this street – so why did they go?

Northbound B2.2118 still has to stop at closed Franklin Street stop because of the traffic lights

Rub Myki the wrong way (the paint comes off!)

Fresh out of the box, a Myki reader is a yellow plastic thingy with a blue ‘touch here’ message on the front. But how long do they look like this out in the wild?

Must be new - a Myki reader without the touch pad printing scuffed off