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Advertisers piggybacking off the Myki message

With the shutdown of the Metcard ticketing system last month, the Myki top up / touch on / touch off message has been getting a lot of airplay around Melbourne. It also seems that the advertising agencies who produce other advertisements seen around town have also picked up the message, if these two adverts are anything to go by…

I’ve imported some old blog posts

I may have started writing on this blog back in June 2010, but it was not my first foray into publishing my thoughts online – for that we need to go back to 2005. I was just starting university, and it was a time when Facebook didn’t exist and MSN Messenger was the way you […]

My blog circa 2006

Privacy fixes for Myki machine receipts

Back in August 2012 the big Myki story was the flaw in receipt printing that risked users credit card security – it got a run in The Age and I posted about how the security hole put users at risk of further identity theft. Fast forward to today, and it appears that the Transport Ticketing Authority has finally done something about the issue.

Myki machine at Flinders Street Station still spitting out unwanted receipts

Greedy landlords lose out in the end

If you are a renter in Victoria, the landlord can only increase the rent under certain circumstances – so what happens when a landlord tries to jack up the rent as much as then can? In my case, they lost a good tenant and have been stuck with a property that has been empty for months.

And I’m back!

So after a month long hiatus, I’m back from Europe. In that time I passed through six countries, ten cities, three rail gauges and 15 rail operators – but how many photos did I take?

One month: 8,898 kilometres of rail travel!