Advertisers piggybacking off the Myki message

With the shutdown of the Metcard ticketing system last month, the Myki top up / touch on / touch off message has been getting a lot of airplay around Melbourne. It also seems that the advertising agencies who produce other advertisements seen around town have also picked up the message, if these two adverts are anything to go by…

First off is this ad for travel website ‘One Cent Flights’ aboard a tram – their punchline being ‘Touching down can be cheaper than touching on‘.

Myki themed advertisement for 'One Cent Flights' aboard a tram

The next advert is for bed retailer Forty Winks and was found onboard a train – their pun being ‘You can’t top up on sleep like it’s a Myki‘.

Myki themed advertisement from Forty Winks

I can’t remember seeing any advertisements this clever back in the Metcard days – advertising agencies must be putting in extra effort these days to make their message align with the media it is featuring in!


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