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What data does Myki save on your card?

With Myki now in use all over Melbourne, one question you might be asking is “What data actually gets saved to your card?”. Unlike Metcard where all of the relevant information was printed on the back, Myki stores it on a computer chip inside the card – so how is all of the data kept in sync?

Lost mobile phones and taxi drivers

Normally a story about lost mobile phones and a taxi involves the passenger leaving their prized possession behind, and their difficult quest to be reunited with it – but this tale flips it right around.

Queue of taxis at Melbourne Airport

Metro Trains Melbourne and Chinese New Year

Last weekend was the 2013 Chinese New Year festival in Melbourne’s Chinatown, and for a second year running Metro Trains Melbourne had a stall there handing out some freebies.

'Metro and MTR wish you a Happy Chinese New Year'

Demolishing the old Royal Children’s Hospital

I mentioned the former Royal Children’s Hospital building in a blog post last year titled ‘Abandoned hospitals of Melbourne’ – so what has come of the site?

'Royal Children's Hospital' spelt out on the main building

Loading the Queenscliff-Sorrento car ferry

A while back I wrote about the history of the Queenscliff – Sorrento car ferry and the two very similar vessels that are used on the service – MV Queenscliff and MV Sorrento. So how do they get such a massive ferry into the berth and loaded up with around 80 car during a 20 minute turnaround?

Empty car deck of the MV Sorrento