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Exploring Ford’s former chassis plant

Geelong is a city that was built on manufacturing, and the Ford factory has been a large part of it since it commenced operations in 1925. But what happens when one of those factories closes?

Entire factory now empty

Comparing Melbourne’s two IMAX theatres

When people in Melbourne think of IMAX theatres, the massive screen at the Melbourne Museum in Carlton should come to mind. I can still remember my first visit when I was about 10 years old: making my way down the longest escalator I had ever seen, to see a screen so big it filled my entire field of view. But what other other other so-called ‘IMAX’ theatres in Melbourne?

Exterior of IMAX theatre at Melbourne Museum

Queuing through intersections – Melbourne’s latest fad?

From the time I spend walking around the Melbourne CBD to and from work, it seems that the latest fad for motorists is queuing through intersections.

Dimwit blocks the pedestrian crossing at Swanston and Collins Streets

Fairfax website redesign, and a trail of broken links

The other night I was doing some research for an upcoming blog post, and via Google I found some useful newspaper articles published in the ‘Moonee Valley Weekly‘.
But when I clicked through to each of the links, I ended up at a error message. So what is going on?

Missing article at the 'Moonee Valley Weekly' website

Hoyts ‘CineMotion’ theatre at Highpoint

Over the weekend I was digging around the house and came across a voucher from 1997, giving the bearer $1 off a ticket for the Hoyts ‘CineMotion’ motion simulator ride at their Highpoint multiplex. Fifteen years later the Hoyts cinema at Highpoint still exists, but there is no trace of the ‘CineMotion’ ride – so what was it?

Hoyts CineMotion