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PTV website redesign, and a trail of broken links

On 21 April 2013 Public Transport Victoria launched their new public transport information website, but they missed one big item in the move to the new website – making sure all of their old links continued to work.

'Page not found' error for an old URL on the PTV website

The wardriving tram and ‘hacking’ Myki machines

As an eagle-eyed observer of Melbourne’s Myki ticketing system, I have stumbled across many different error messages displayed on the Tram Driver Consoles located inside the cab of each of Melbourne’s trams. But this ‘myki was p0wned’ message is a new one… So how did it get there?

Playing around with WiFi SSID (network names) on a Tram Driver Console

‘Jaywalking’ in the Melbourne CBD

It seems that every second month the Victoria Police decide to hold a jaywalking ‘blitz’ in the Melbourne CBD – in the 2011-12 financial year they issued 5690 fines to pedestrians. So what actual offence do the infringement notices have written on them?

Police book jaywalkers outside Flinders Street Station

The not in service ‘in service’ Myki reader

Myki has a reputation for being a complete balls up: and the Myki check device at the northbound tram stop outside Melbourne Central Station is no exception.

A completely nonsensical message - 'In service / Please use another myki check'

Replacing the power jack of a Samsung NP305 laptop

In my family I am known as ‘Mr Fix It’, so it was not surprised when my sister told me the other week that the power plug for her Samsung laptop computer (model number NP305) wasn’t staying put, and asked if I was able to fix it. I said yes, and took a look. The end result looked like this…

New power jack: it points towards the RJ45 network jack