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Cross-border vehicle registration capers

Come the first of January 2014, Victorians will no longer need to affix registration labels to their car windscreens – VicRoads is finally abolishing them. We aren’t the first state to do, which presented some troubles when neighbouring South Australia did away with them in 2012…

Holden Commodore station wagon for the VicRoads

The pointlessness of voting in the Flinders Street Station design competition

Yesterday the big media announcement was the six shortlisted designs for the redevelopment of Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station were revealing. But what will the public judging process actually deliver?

Biggest. Cliché. Ever.

Planespotting at Mount Hotham Airport

For most people a winter drive up the mountains means a skiing holiday, but for me it was a chance to photograph planes at Australia’s highest altitude airport.

Approaching Mount Hotham: Qantas Dash-8 200 VH-TQG

New speed cameras on the Monash Freeway

Speed cameras: on Melbourne’s freeway network you normally find them hiding behind bridges or hanging from overhead sign gantries, but on the Monash Freeway a different type of speed camera has been installed.

New speed cameras installed over the outbound lanes of the Monash Freeway

Finally – movement at the (myki) station

Myki queues at suburban railway stations in Melbourne – I first wrote about the topic a year ago, when the withdrawal of periodical Metcard tickets led to a massive spike in myki usage. So what has happened since then?

Additional station exit at Kensington platform 2: blocked up until Myki gear is installed