Finally – movement at the (myki) station

Myki queues at suburban railway stations in Melbourne – I first wrote about the topic a year ago, when the withdrawal of periodical Metcard tickets led to a massive spike in myki usage. So what has happened since then?

In March 2012 an additional station exit was created at Kensington platform 2: the first stage of the work was cutting a hole in the fence, installing conduits for the electrical connections, and laying the concrete path.

Additional station exit at Kensington platform 2: blocked up until Myki gear is installed

By August 2012 nothing had changed at Kensington: the Myki readers was still to be installed, the fence still blocked access by passengers. At least the rubbish skip was gone!

Additional station exit at Kensington still closed

Apparently the reason for the new entrance remaining closed was the lack of lighting! It took until May 2013 for this to be addressed, when the foundations for a light post were installed next to the entry – the light itself came a few days later.

Additional station exit at Kensington station still waiting to be opened

The final piece of the puzzle was the Myki readers – these were finally installed on June 4 when a Bytecraft technician paid a visit to Kensington.

After years of waiting, Bytecraft technician installs the additional Myki readers at Kensington platform 2

You would think having a set of working Myki readers beside a floodlit footpath would be enough to open the station entrance, but it wasn’t – the fence stayed in place across the opening.

Additional exit at Kensington platform 2 completed, but still fenced off

It took until June 24 for the fence to get taken away, and the new entrance to open for business.

Additional station exit now open at Kensington platform 2

Fifteen months to lay a few square meters of concrete, install a floodlight, and connect up two Myki readers. I hate to think how much this project cost!

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5 Responses to “Finally – movement at the (myki) station”

  1. Roger says:

    same story at Brighton Beach station, except EVERYTHING was in place (hole in fence, concreting done, myki validators installed, lighting added). For 3 months I wondered why the “hole in the fence” had a temporary barricade and the validators had covers over them. So I complained to PTV. Very soon,the barricade came down, the myki devices were activated and commuters no longer crush to get thru one set of gates.
    Obviously, some idiot just forgot to have the extra gate open.

    • Marcus Wong says:

      Given it was PTV I wonder whether they actually sent someone out there to open it, or if it was just a complete coincidence!

  2. M says:

    I happen to live in that particular area and oh boy! yep!

  3. scott says:

    They did exactly the same thing at Jewell station though a lot sooner than Kensington station. It would be funny to see if any drunk people actually walked into the fence after touching off!

    • Marcus Wong says:

      In addition the temporary fencing wouldn’t be stand out very well to a vision impaired person, especially since everything else made it look like a legitimate walkway!

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