Power outage at a railway station

Around 3 PM yesterday a tree outside Newmarket railway station fell over power lines, leaving the entire area without electricity.

By sunset it was getting dark on the platforms.

Handful of platform lights running from a generator at Newmarket station

The fault was localised to the area, as the signals were still functioning, as was the traction power for trains.

Signals still functioning, but no mains power for the platform lights at Newmarket

In order to keep the platforms lit up, contractors arrived with a few hired petrol generators, and temporary wired them into the station switchboard.

With the mains power out at Newmarket, a contractor jerry rigs a petrol generator up to the switchboard

Contractors work to connect a generator to the switchboard on up platform

Unfortunately the generators didn’t seem to have enough grunt to run all of the station lighting, leaving parts of the platforms in the dark.

Passengers step onto a dark platform at Newmarket station

The reason for the power outage – a tree took out the power lines on the street outside!

The reason for the power outage at Newmarket - a tree took out the power lines!


The power outage also took out all of the Myki equipment, meaning passengers couldn’t top up, touch on, or touch off.

Myki equipment all dead due to the power outage at Newmarket

Newmarket station is in zone 1, which means any passengers using myki money and finding the readers dead would cop the default two hour Zone 1 + 2 myki money fare, and have to apply for a refund.

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