An interesting battle – the 2013 RACV Board Election

Last week the ballot papers for the 2013 RACV Board Election arrived in my mailbox along with the monthly issue of RoyalAuto magazine. I’ve written on the topic before – while being Victoria’s largest non-government election, it is also ignored by the majority of the 1.4 million people entitled to vote in it.

So what is different this year?

My RACV Board Election papers have arrived!

Initial media attention in The Age is one:

RACV car-culture politics attacked
September 1, 2013
Jason Dowling

A bruising battle has erupted for influence on the board of the RACV, with a host of critics emerging to take swings at the motoring group over its forthright support for the east-west link and criticism of three big city bike lane upgrades.

But some members are now questioning what the organisation stands for, if it is throwing its weight around appropriately and if its lobbying has kept pace with its eclectic membership.

RACV board elections will begin in late September and one candidate, Darebin Greens councillor Trent McCarthy, wants to turn the election into a referendum on the east-west link, which he opposes.

As is a follow up article:

RACV board pressured by outside candidates
September 19, 2013
Adam Carey and Marnie Banger

Wealthy and influential motoring club the RACV is facing intense pressure from a handful of outside candidates vying for election to its exclusive board.

The candidates are pushing the conservative organisation to do more for country Victorians, younger members and public transport users.

And the publication of statements from each of the six outside candidates.

The election format is the same as previous years – members of the RACV Roadside Assistance program are voting for two “service” directors, with the ballot paper design favouring the two board-endorsed incumbent candidates, having an asterisk beside their names.

Ballot papers for the 2013 RACV Board Election

Of the above candidates, two of them stand out:

Trent McCarthy

Tom Houlihan

Trent McCarthy and his “referendum on East West Link” message appears to be getting people on Twitter interested in the board election, as this tweet suggests:

In addition, Trent McCarthy is more than happy to endorse fellow outsider candidate Tom Houlihan as the second person to vote for – the following message is found at

To say:
NO to East West Link
YES to improved public transport
YES to safer roads for all
Trent McCarthy √
Tom Houlihan √

To me the incumbents have quite a fight on their hands – a Melbourne-based candidate targeting the pent up opposition to the East West Link, combined with a loose alliance between two outsiders to tie up votes – the 2013 RACV Board Election looks like an interesting battle.


Already turfed your RoyalAuto magazine into the bin? You can request a replacement set of ballot papers from the RACV.

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