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Conscience money in Australia

The other day the topic of “conscience money” was recently brought up – money paid by guilty people to the government in an effort to clear their conscience. So how widespread was it?

Finding a five dollar note underneath your windscreen wiper?

Myki fixes one bug, misses a more important one

Back in March 2013 a bug appeared on Myki equipment across the Melbourne tram network – readers rejecting user input while stuck displaying an “In service” message onscreen. A few months on, they seem to have fixed part of problem – but missed a more important one.

Another 'In service' Myki reader onboard a tram

How to tow a broken down bus?

What happens when a bus breaks down? You send in one bad-ass looking tow truck to haul away.

Traffic jam in the Bourke Street Mall

I’ve written before about people trying to drive down Melbourne’s supposedly car-free Swanston Street, but the traffic jam I found yesterday in the Bourke Street Mall really makes me wonder how stupid some drivers are.

After seeing the traffic jam, the car driver realises they can't continue this way

Public transport timekeeping troubles

On the weekend Victoria switched over the daylight savings time. Meanwhile on the railways, they have some trouble of their own keeping track of time.

V/Line operates on 24 hour time, Metro uses 12 hour time