How to tow a broken down bus?

What happens when a bus breaks down? You send in one bad-ass looking tow truck to haul away.

Bad-ass looking tow truck waiting to haul away an articulated bus

The above photo was in Melbourne, and the tow truck was a privately operated vehicle that could be called out to recover any broken down heavy vehicle.

When I visited Sydney I ran into another broken down bus, but this time the paint job of the tow truck matched the bus:

In the case of New South Wales, the government owned bus operator Sydney Buses has their own recovery vehicle.

Finally, on a visit to Adelaide I found a third broken down bus, along with one very odd looking tow truck.

Disabled artic #1147 under tow at Currie and King William Streets

Nicknamed ‘Dumbo’, this truck truck was specially built in the 1980s for use on Adelaide’s O-Bahn Busway – the double ended design allows it to drive down the concrete busway track ‘wrong way’ to the disabled bus, attach the towing hitch to the front, and then tow the disabled bus out to the public road network.

The double ended busway recovery truck nicknamed 'Dumbo'

And still more!

A Broadmeadows Bus Lines bus on hire to Transdev broke down on Queen Street in Melbourne, and needed a tow.

Tow truck ready to haul away broken down Broadmeadows Bus Lines bus #47 6843AO from Queen and Collins Street

A Transdev bus broken down in Sunshine.

Towing away broken down Transdev bus #367 0367AO along Hampshire Road, Sunshine

And a Donric Group bus in need of help while running a rail replacement service.

Tow truck rescues broken down Donric Group bus BS05TX

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One Response to “How to tow a broken down bus?”

  1. Kourtney Jensen says:

    It was cool to see the different kids of big rig hauling trucks that are utilized to help an array of larger transportation vehicles. I’ve only seen a couple of these tow trucks before but I’m always amazed at the towing capacity of them. I wonder how much it would cost to have one of these tow trucks come out and haul off vehicle. I’m sure it would be significantly more than a small family car.

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