So I ended up in the news again

Last week I wrote about an unlucky tram stop in Ascot Vale that gets hit by cars every second week. Shortly after it went live, Denham Sadler from Melbourne newspaper The Age got in touch with me, interested in running a story on the tram stop. I gave him a call, and after a bit of a chat, he had enough details to put an article together.

I'm in the newspaper yet again!

The article, titled ‘Melbourne’s most accident-prone tram stop is in Ascot Vale‘ went live on the online edition of The Age at 12 noon on February 7, and gradually dropped down the front page as newer stories were posted.

Front page of The Age website, February 07 2014

Included in the article was a link to by blog, so my incoming traffic spiked considerably.

Hits to my blog after being linked to by The Age

On an average day I get around 200 views of my site, with minor spikes if I post a new item that gets retweeted a lot on Twitter. However by the end of Friday, I had received over 2000 hits, with 800 more to come over the course of Saturday.

Hits to my blog after being linked to by The Age

The last time I saw that much traffic was when I hit the front page of Reddit!


Somebody posted the article from The Age to the /melbourne page on Reddit – this was my favorite comment.


I just spent about half an hour just reading his blog. It’s strangely captivating, considering that I’m not really that interested in trains and such.

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2 Responses to “So I ended up in the news again”

  1. scott says:

    you celebrity 🙂

  2. Nathan says:

    I too spent about an hour trading your blog after I saw a story on the age website about a water tower clock returning to Spencer’s street. Was news to me so a quick google search on its history somehow brought me here. I will defiantly bookmark your blog for future reading!

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