Tooting my own horn yet again

I saw a spike in traffic to my blog today – so who has linked to me this time?

Blog statistics: February 20, 2014

Turns out my recent post about more shops at Southern Cross Station scored a mention in the online only ‘Melbourne Express’ section of The Age.

Another mention in The Age:  February 20, 2014

You can find the page here.

An update

My February 25 blog post on Melbourne’s freeway ‘ghost ramps’ also got a mention in the same column.

Another mention in The Age:  February 25, 2014

You can find the page here.

And another

My March 11 blog post on the kink in the Western Ring Road got a mention.

The Age mention: March 11, 2014

You can find the page here.


The ‘Melbourne Express’ section of The Age was launched on February 11, and is a live blog that runs from 6am and 9am, featuring random Melbourne items their journalists find on the internet. It reuses the name of a defunct Fairfax group newspaper, that was distributed for free at weekday mornings at suburban railway stations in Melbourne for a short period during 2001.

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One Response to “Tooting my own horn yet again”

  1. Mike says:

    It also reuses the name of the train that replaced the Southern Aurora and Spirit of Progress –

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