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Testing the PTV transport data API using PHP

Last week on March 7 Public Transport Victoria finally released something many Melbourne coders and app developers have been waiting for – a public API to query their timetable data. So how does one go about using it?

Passengers depart the train on platform 10

Ardeer and the kink in the Western Ring Road

When wiewed on a map the Western Ring Road looks just like the name suggests – a ring around the middle suburbs of Melbourne, except for a major kink to the west around Ardeer. So why does the freeway take such a sudden turn in that area?

Western Ring Road diverts around the suburb of Ardeer

Dandenong line upgrade and probity concerns

Yesterday Premier Denis Napthine announced a $2–2.5 billion rail project to upgrade the Pakenham and Cranbourne railway lines, to deliver a 30 per cent capacity boost to Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs. So what concerns me is a single line in the media release from the Victorian Government: “This project is the first under the Government’s […]

Fairfax: coincidence, or cash for comment?

When flicking through the ‘Money’ section of Melbourne newspaper The Age it’s isn’t uncommon to find full page advertisements for financial products. However the placement of the next article was more interesting.

Full page advertisement for Challenger Annuities

Police fining nuffy drivers on Swanston Street

I’ve written about Melbourne’s clueless drivers before, especially their obsession with driving through Swanston Street’s tram stops and the Bourke Street Mall, but now I fear the apocalypse is near – I recently saw Victoria Police doing something about it.

Sign of the apocalypse - Victoria Police pull over a car that drove through a Swanston Street tram stop