Telling a racist where to go

Last night I was headed out of the city on a packed route 57 tram, along with the usual Wednesday night crowd of people headed for the night market held at the Queen Victoria Market. Among them were a number of people chattering away in a foreign language, when a tattoo covered troglodyte said under his breath to his scraggy looking girlfriend:

You’re in Australia: Speak English!

Such a classic line!

Racist guy from the route 57 tram

Our tram had been stopped outside the Queen Victoria Market to drop off passengers, and I was sitting in the seat behind him, so I told him to watch what the hell he was saying. He got up out of his seat to have a go at me, spewing forth the usual bile that racists do when confronted, and asking me if I wanted to talk it outside. I just stayed in my seat, while he had his sleazy lady friend backing him up from their original seat, when some random woman down the other end of the tram told him to shut up and piss off.

Our tram driver, who was a middle aged woman, eventually got onto the PA system and told the guy to either quiet down or get off the tram – he reacted to that by punching the perspex door leading to the driver’s cab, and asking me another time if I wanted to take it outside – again, I didn’t respond!

Eventually the clod realised he had been outgunned, as he and his companion left the tram, before punching the side of the tram near where I was sitting, and then spewing some more racist bile venom to the crowd assembled at the tram stop.

At this point I remembered I had my camera in my bag, and the tram had opening windows, so as the tram departed I videoed his reaction.

He then ran after the tram, faster than he ever had in his life, but couldn’t make it far – giving up in the middle of the Victoria and Elizabeth Street intersection.

Fat racist guy runs out of puff

Afterwards a half dozen passengers came up to me and asked if I was okay, and that I did a good job standing up to the racist boor. As well as that, I was glad to have a random woman call out and provide backup in the heat of the moment – when a big guy is throwing their weight around, understandably most people are afraid for themselves first.


Another line the bigot used was:

If I went to Russia then I would speak Russian

For a start, I doubt this guy has ever been to Russia, and if he did, I doubt he and his life partner would have learned Russian – I visited said country back in 2012 and only learnt four Russian words:

  • Да (“da”) – Yes
  • Нет (“nyet”) – No
  • Спасибо (“spa-see-ba”) – Thank-You
  • пиво (“pee-vah”) – Beer

Another footnote

Putting yourself into harms way by telling fat racists where to go probably isn’t the safest thing to do – a safer alternative is to abuse them from an open tram window once they leave the vehicle, because they can’t do anything back to you!

An update

The tram driver also made a police report, which Yarra Trams is following up:

And another update

By lunchtime The Age had put together a piece on the topic – Yarra Trams investigates alleged racial abuse.

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87 Responses to “Telling a racist where to go”

  1. Vy says:

    On ya, Marcus!!!
    Makes me feel so good to hear this outcome! It can also make all the difference having a random supporter on public transport! She deserves some major respect too!
    I’m so glad you said something to his audible ‘whispers’ to his girlfriend – come across this and even more subtle eyerolls/smirks too often. I doubt this incident will change their beliefs or behaviours but it will hopefully make them think that milisecond longer next time they decide to say or do something similiar. From what I gather he doesn’t seem to have much impulse control.. Public shaming does work though! Good thinking with the images and video – this couple look quite familiar.
    It’s sad that these ignoramus cretins you come across on the tram always have a particular look to them, at the end of the day you just feel sorry for them and their sheltered lives.

  2. scott says:

    I personally wouldn’t get involved. You don’t know what weapons they have and many people have been injured or worse by taking a stand.

    • Marcus Wong says:

      You have a point there – it is a risk to take action, because you never know if the other guy is going to throw a punch, and take out everyone else around you.

  3. Mark says:

    Well done mate… they are obviously very classy people going by the way that they are dressed. Racists are just oxygen thieves and judging by the size of that guy… he will be a solid candidate for a heart attack in a couple of years!

  4. Richard Collett says:

    I see The Age has now picked this up.

    Yarra trams are reportedly “aware of Mr Wong’s blog post and trying to identify the tram driver to confirm what had happened.”

    How hard can it be to identify the driver of the #57 tram that stopped outside Vic Market at 7:30pm?

  5. Nick says:

    Came from The Age to say good on you Marcus!

  6. Xyzz says:

    Good job Marcus there are far too many people who think it is ok to go around talking like that and they need to be stood up to. This guy should be easy to spot I mean how many people go around dressed like that…

    The bit about the Russian words did make me smile yes , no, thank you and beer the 4 words you will ever need :p

    On a more serious note I wouldn’t have messed with that guy he obiviously has problems and could’ve punched you in the face rather than the tram door still you did the right thing and I hope you are ok…

    • Marcus Wong says:

      Afterwards people on the tram asked me if I was okay: it took me a while for it to sink in that he could have clocked me one in the face!

      • Sepoo says:

        Probably because you did as you say quite clearly get in his face about something he “muttered under his breath”.

        You aren’t really getting how society works, are you?

        When people are speaking to their friends on the tram under their breath, they aren’t speaking to you.

        Why get in their face?

  7. Older says:

    Upvote. Melbourne needs more of this.

    I’ve been on the receiving end of random and unprovoked physical/verbal attacks in the CBD many times over the past few years. Always in broad daylight/in crowded areas. I can’t be certain they’re race-related but with no other obvious explanations, it’s hard not to draw the inference. The common feature of these incidents has unfortunately been the attacker being of Australian/Caucasian appearance – male, female, old, young, disadvantaged, or dressed to the nines.

    The most outrageous aspect for me is the lack of support from nearby witnesses. It’s heartening to know that you got some.

  8. Adelena says:

    Onya, Marcus. You’ve done what I’ve twice wished I’d done on the Frankston line. Each time, the epithets were said aloud by the only white dude in the carriage, backed up by a sneering girlfriend. The rest of us were too stunned and/or terrified to do anything.

  9. Jess says:

    Good on you for standing up to racism, but it’s dangerous, and that guy actually looks as if he has a little more Neanderthal DNA than the average. I’m sure when he went overseas he would just speak English instead of discussing Tolstoy in perfect Russian on the Moscow metro…

  10. Marfi says:

    I wonder how many of these Bogans speak fluent Indonesians when taking their holidays in Bali?

    • Paul Jerome O'CONNOR says:

      I agree. When I go to Bali(the ten times that I’ve been there), I do try to speak the local language; I’m getting better each time. The lout in Marcus’s story looked like a heap of dung in human clothing, with an IQ of -10 to match.

  11. J says:

    Marcus, thanks for doing what you did!

  12. Brigga says:

    “tattoo covered troglodyte said under his breath to his scraggy looking girlfriend:”

    Sounds to me like you’re the racist here mate – this ‘troglodyte’ said it ‘in undertones’ to his ‘scraggy-looking’ girlfriend – who are you to make these comments about someone who was speaking to his partner and no-one else in particular. Get off your bloody highhorse and look at how you’ve reacted – if I was this guy, had said something to my friend – scraggy or not – and you got up and verbally attacked me I would have knocked your fucking head off!!

    I won’t say that what this ‘troglodyte’ said was nice, but it was said under his breath – I guess he could’ve shouted it – would that have made you feel better??

    Its wankers like you that make what was once a peaceful and nice place to live, now a miserable joint where people can’t express an opinion without some idiot and his blog making something of it!

    Go and crawl back under your rock you fool!!

    • Dave says:


      You are the perfect example of what is wrong with society right now.

      If you believe those losers are ‘entitled’ to their opinion, you must also understand that Marcus here is also entitled to his.

      The fact you think our society can be a “peaceful and nice place to live” with people expressing their racist and xenophobic opinions in public shows just how deluded you really are.

    • Marcus Wong says:

      There is a difference between whispering something ‘politically incorrect’ to your travel companion, and muttering it in a passive aggressive way to make the people around you feel uncomfortable and threatened.

      People are entitled to believe whatever they feel like – I’ve encountered smelly people on the tram, but I don’t make passive aggressive comments about them to my traveling companions – I wait until I get home.

      • Param says:

        Don’t waste your energy Marcus (responding to Brigga).
        People like him do exist and would always continue to … guess this apple surely does have the worm in it.

      • D. Kah says:

        There’s a difference between someone muttering a comment to their travel companion and actually speaking to you or others.

        You cannot guess their intentions, unless you believe you are omniscient – you aren’t.

        They probably didn’t you to get involved.

        But you did.

        You escalated it.

        You then said this was “racist”.

        in Australia we do speak English, as you kniow.

        We also have freedom of speech , that is if people like you don’t get their way.

        People are allowed to express their opinion – that people will be better received if they make the effort to speak English. To express that opinion by whispering muttering or even speaking at ordinary volume, is not a crime in Australia. In fact you should know that it is rude to speak about other people, or in their presence, in another language other than the native tongue. But that’s not really the issue – the issue is whether he should be allowed to make this comment to his travel companion. He is. We aren’t a dictatorship from some banana republic in Asia or South America, where people readily insult whites or foreigners without a thought.

        Mr Wong – what exactly is your problem with speech here in Melbourne? The more speech the better. He expressed his opinion to his companion. Now why did you make it a huge story?

        What is your specific objection to people living their lives – and speaking freely?

        • Ross says:

          Yes, quite right! We should have more racist morons making everyones lives miserable. Brilliant idea.
          Pardon me if I call bullshit on this. We need to stop excusing racism and start standing up to these hate mongers, just as Marcus did.

          • Sepoo says:

            Expressing to your friend on the tram that you wish people could speak in a manner to be understood is not racism. We have an official language in this country – it’s english. People on the tram whether singing, carrying on, or talking loudly in English, Swahili or any other language are just annoying. You can comment away as much as you like.

            On the other hand, interrupting private words, publishing them and calling people racist – that’s not so welcome. In the real world, police would not be remotely interested.

            Marcus was clearly the aggressor here. May I suggest he get some therapy, or run for Parliament and change the law to his liking such that he can be the Big Busybody and tell people they cant speak privately “under their breath” about matter of courtesy on public transport or elsewhere?

        • JM says:

          “We also have freedom of speech , that is if people like you don

        • Kat says:

          “it is rude to speak about other people, or in their presence, in another language other than the native tongue” How can you use this statement to defend a racist when this is precisely what he did? In other words, the racist guy was speaking about other people in their presence in a language other than their native tongue, in this case, English. A little ironic, don’t you think, D.Kah?

          • Ross says:

            Since when did it become rude to speak in another language in Melbourne anyway? Franco Cozzo was doing his TV ads in Italian back in the late 70’s! All these precious little drama queens running around in a tizz because they can’t speak a second language. Here’s a solution – go take a course, you whiny little trolls.

      • Brigga says:

        “I wait until I get home.” and then call them “troglodytes” . . .”scraggy” . . .”bigot” . . .”racist boor” . . .”sleazy” . . .”clod” . . .”fat racist” !

        Mate I think you’re the one that has the problem here. You’ve called them all these names from the safety and comfort behind your keyboard, yet all they did was mutter something between themselves. You were the aggressor here!

        What next – Thought police? How do you know that she is sleazy? Scraggy? – did she tell you that she was like this or did you make this estimation by the way she was dressed? Troglodyte? – did you make this assumption from what he quietly said to his partner or from what he said to you AFTER you verbally assaulted him? ‘Racist boor’ from one small comment made in undertone – gee I hope I never say something like “this coffee is crap” in a restaurant – the owner might come for me with a meat cleaver! This guy and his gf may not look like the nicest of people but who are we to judge someone on their looks or by one single comment that was unfortunately overheard!

        To all of you who sided with Mr Wong – have a think about the next time you mutter an aside to your friend – will the person next to you become upset? . . are you actually deriding your fellow passenger when all you really meant was a private comment to your partner!? People in glass houses eh!!!!?

        Each to their own people! – I happen to like the multi-culturedness that is Australia, and I try not to be racist, but to be mocked and put down by the likes of Dave or Param et al shows how troglodytism really has infiltrated the Australian culture!

        Get your heads out of your asses and wake up – freedom of speech is as necessary as the destruction of racism, but at the moment its blogs like this and those on board for the ride, that will ultimately ruin any freedoms left to us in this country!

        • Vy says:

          Hey Brigga, we get on by cues in our environment – yes, all those things you answered were cues to his classification of these 2 individuals. Or was what you stated a rhetorical? Sorry, do you not get first impressions of people based on their presentation and manner?

          What you’re saying about valuing the multicured-ness of Australia really conflicts with your support of his comments. Of course we’re allowed free speech in this country, and in public spaces, but if you think that you can get away unscathed by saying discriminatory things and exhibiting aggressive behaviours on others, well then you’re impinging on others’ freedoms as well. Marcus and the other passengers on the tram/platform also have a right to challenge this man through their power of free speech. This man took it a step further by being aggressive and trying to incite Marcus into a physical fight to ‘settle things’ – seems this is the real language he speaks. If speech is his true form of communication he would’ve rebuffed Marcus’ words with rationalisations of his own on why he believes speaking English in Australia is fundamental. I value feeling safe in my environments. If I heard him whisper this audibly to his partner I would immediately tense up and feel unsafe, as if this man would target me next based on my non-Englishness appearance. I probably wouldn’t say anything, just do an internal eye-roll and go on with my day, but I honestly wish I cared enough to say something – to take the risk and challenge him. Which is why I, and I think others (those who haven’t commented too), really commend Marcus’ response. He took a risk and I’m grateful that he had supporters and wasn’t physically harmed in the process.

          Marcus is sharing his experience and the strong support he has deserved here is by no force of his own. We have wilfully come here to show our support of his actions. I think you should find this tram coupling’s twitter/blog post and congratulate them for exercising their display of free speech, maybe their thinkings will infuriate you less. You seem very offended by the momentum Marcus’ words have gathered.. I don’t think anyone here is trying to be offensive or take away your freedoms. And if you don’t like it you can go away, I don’t think many/any of us will miss your contributions.

          • Param says:

            Rightly said Vy.

          • Sepoo says:

            Actually, you’re only half right.

            Two people are having a conversation about something – culturally you should be aware that you don’t interrupt them, don’t tell them theyre wrong and not expect some kind of aggressive response. It’s just odd for someone to do that. Did this man actually threaten to fight you? Well, if he did, it’s not against the law. Mind your own business, don’t tell people their private conversations are wrong, and don’t eavesdrop. People might actually get upset. You might need a lesson in western manners before you do this again. I recommend just watching a lot of western movies and tv shows, and talking to some elders here.

            He on the other hand has been defamed by you – you posted his photo and called him a racist after you admitted you basically eavesdropped on something he said under his breath to another person and you were not even part of the conversation – and I don’t think you understand this. The world reading this must think you are nothing more than an ungrateful prat who interrupted a private conversation to get on your high horse over an issue that affects you and seemed to have affected no other passengers – until you made a spectacle of it.

            In Australia there is nothing unlawful with someone saying to their friend “I wish those people spoke English” whether under his breath or in plain hearing of anyone. If you don’t think that this is right, well, live in North Korea or China. People there might care. We don’t.

            It’s considered rude in any country to speak about others or in the presence of others in a foreign language, without making some effort. When I travel, I am nothing more than a guest in some other country and I don’t expect people to bend over backwards to accommodate my native tongue. Australia is more tolerant than just about any nation on earth. The man didn’t thump you, but in many other places he would have, simply for butting in where you were not welcome.

            Next time, why not go to his bedroom or favorite pub and stick your camera in his face to get his private mutterings to his woman? Why not just stick your camera up her dress?

            Because what you did was wrong.

          • JM says:

            You’re a bit less than half right, Sepoo. If the big guy had the right to say under his breath in a way to passively target an individual “Should speak English” then others equally have a right to correct him. At no point does the big guy have the right to thump him or threaten to thump him.

          • Sepoo says:

            Actually you’re wrong. We don’t know what Wong said to the man – what we do know is that he admonished him when the man was attempting – on Wong’s own admission – to make a statement “under his breath”. That’s not unlawful, even if the man says that people in Australia should speak English – whether he is right or wrong on that – that’s not for Wong or you or I to say – he’s allowed to say it. He didn’t threaten them. He didn’t get out of his seat, and he didn’t yell at them. The only person who was threatened by this was Wong – a threat that existed only in his mind.

            Wong leaves out significant details about the encounter thereafter. What exactly did he say to the man? We know he berated or admonished him – or tried to tell him what he could say or not say.

            The natural and probably bewildered reaction of the man was to tell Wong to get out of his face. There’s no excuse for Wong to escalate this. If Wong had called the Police they would have rightly told him to get a life. Wong was the aggressor here – everyone agrees on that now.

            The man did not thump anyone – so what you are saying is irrelevant. He may or may not have threatened to thump Wong if Wong didn’t get out of his face. Many people in this situation would have too. It’s not unlawful to say “if you don’t stop annoying me I’ll probably lose it”, Wong should have just stopped interfering in this man’s private conversation and space on the tram – it’s that simple.

            Instead, he has made Melbourne a worse place for everyone. I hope someone crowdfunds a defamation lawsuit for this guy to teach Wong a thing or two about freedom of speech – and sorry, no escalating an otherwise private conversation as Wong did is not appropriate as a form of expression.

            Who else on the tram cared about what this man said? Only Wong. It’s up to Wong to tell us word for word what he said to the guy – he won’t. Because it would likely be the case that he would paint himself the agressor.

            For a man who blogs that “people on trains are cattle”, as Wong had, it is very convenient for him to somehow pretend he is protecting the travelling public by acting as he did. As it stands, he only made a minor situation which had no impact on anyone but his own personal thoughts / past experiences worse by taking on someone he should never really have addressed in the first place.

            We don’t live in North Korea and we don’t come from a culture of blind obedience that results in millions of our citizens killed by their government, like in China (note the anti-conscription movements in our country), so we have a form of speech that Wong doesn like. In China people are highly sensitive of everything – you cannot comment on anything – their job, money, society or anything that would cause offence, because people are extremely defensive about their personal circumstance. Was this something that Wong was influenced by in his family? Well, it’s not really something that’s protected in Australia.

            Perhaps he would like to change this – how could that be a good thing?

            Or he’s always welcome to live elsewhere if he doesn’t like the right of free speech and cannot understand the difference between provoking someone and letting people make a comment under their breath. He could have moved seats – he didn’t.

          • JM says:

            “The natural and probably bewildered reaction of the man was to tell Wong to get out of his face. ”

            No, he said to step outside. That’s a threat. What do you think was going to happen outside? Hugs and handshakes? Come on, be serious here.

            “If Wong had called the Police they would have rightly told him to get a life. Wong was the aggressor here

        • Pete says:

          Yeah, you really do need a tissue Brigga.
          Here’s a whole box.
          Now, fuck off.

        • Sepoo says:

          STOP TALKING ABOUT FREE SPEECH. WE HAVE THE GREAT MAO ZE WONG HERE TELLING YOU TO BE QUIET – even if you are just speaking to your friend on the tram under your breath.

          STOP IT! Because someone here told you not to!

      • Paul Jerome O'CONNOR says:

        Marcus, I totally agree with you but I probably wouldn’t have taken on the tram yeti-man. People like that have dangerously low IQ and react with their meat hooks when the conversation doesn’t go their way.

    • Pete says:

      Would you like a tissue Brigga?
      Fucken sook.

  13. Friend, up here in Brisbane Town we would never do that – we are civilised and such. But then again over there in the Wilds of Europe and such, or in the Wilds of Asia, folks do this all the time to my knowledges. I have a friend who’s son is computers minded, and he works and travels overseas. He has one of them fancy degrees and such. And he tells me that this happens a lot in parts of the world, because he has a girlfriend from them countries when he’s there, and she tells him about it. Them folks make comments all the time. And friends, this is just a beat up on our great country. Take a look at them countries over there in the Wilds of Asia and such. Could y’all run for politics, or become a company president or such? It aint likely friends. There are few examples. But here y’all could. Still, it makes me sad that folks are so upset by hearing the foreign languages and such. But I understand friend – it’s a cliche about our great country, and it must be aired. Because it’s not like y’all have ever done something like this yerself now is it? I mean, expressed frustration at noisy passengers on your trains and such? I don’t know friends, because I don’t even go to them ghetto suburbs. Take care friends.

    • JM says:

      Ummm, your dukeship, Racism overseas does not justify racism over here. IT would be like saying “Sure we have murder in Australia, but look at the murders that happen overseas! So much worse-so I don’t even know why police bother trying to prevent or stop murders, really.”

      • Sepoo says:

        Why is everyone here using stupid examples?

        He didn’t talk about murder.

        This is not about murder.

        This is about two people having a conversation on an issue Wong happens to disagree with. It doesn’t matter if his name is Smith or Jones or Kelly or Fritz or Tanaka or Mao Ze Wong – people in this country are allowed to have a conversation on a tram about this or most other issues without officious dickheads like Wong getting in their face.

        Wong has defamed them.

        The police would not be remotely interested in what they said.

        They would however be interested in why Wong got in their face and obviously escalated the whole thing.

        Hey Wong, get a life dude. No one cares about your Ahab Complex.

        People are allowed to express an opinion to their friends – even on the tram.

        Stop getting in their face.

  14. Some Dude says:

    I used to kinda think along the same lines as this guy.

    ‘If they come to our country, why can’t they speak our language?’

    And then I went overseas…

    Yes I learn some of the local language to converse with them – the basics etc…. but obviously resort to English when conversing with friends.
    Just glad I never voiced my immature opinion like this fat fuck.

    This guys has most likely never been overseas. Well, maybe Bali to hang with the rest of the ‘Bintang bogans’.

  15. Param says:

    Well Done Marcus.
    And kudos to the lady who backed you up & the tram driver who didn’t turn a deaf ear either. Its these sort of people (I’m referring to the two characters you came across/ confronted) that malign the majority of good natured, friendly Australians. Well, as nature has it, there would always be a rotten fruit or two in an orchard huh.

  16. James says:

    Hi Marcus,

    Good job on standing up for our right to live harmoniously with each other. People with these views seem to forget that Australia belonged to indigenous Australians. Does he speak one of the Aboriginal languages? I’m sure he’s fluent in it *sarcasm*

    And sure, if he went to Russia, he could speak Russian. Or he could speak one of the other 25+ languages that more than 100,000 people in Russia speak.

    I admire you for standing up for what you believe in and for going against the bystander effect. He was definitely shamed (and it was deserved)! Well done!


  17. MistyP says:

    I think it was very courageous to speak up. People need to be pulled up on inappropriate behaviour, however I’m not sure he or his girlfriend’s beliefs or attitudes will ever change. We just have to hope that they aren’t breeding more hatred like this. Whilst most of us may not have had your confidence or guts, it is all of our responsibility to call people out on this kind of behaviour in the hope that we reduce discrimination in all forms.

  18. Mike says:

    Good on you mate. I’m sure many of us wouldn’t have had the courage to speak up.

    Aside..this thing looks like a troll from Warcraft…

  19. Your friend says:

    Is this a turning point in our society?

    I know we are all sick of hearing about racial tirades on public transport or anywhere really.

    Marcus, you put your personal safety on the line to do whats right. I hope that the greater community take heed from your actions and in time more people will stand up and refuse to be a silent witness to public displays of racism.

  20. Ross says:

    Marcus, as a big white guy, these bigots all too often think I am going to be backing them up in such situations. A year or so ago on a Lilydale line train, headed to the city from Box Hill, I sat reading a book opposite one such bigot who clearly had a problem with the two girls speaking mandarin, seated next to us. As I turned the page, I looked up for a brief moment as the bigot smirked at me and said “I thought we spoke English in this country.”
    The Chinese girls fell silent. I leaned over to them and said “??? ???”
    They burst out laughing and the swine across from me demanded to know what I said. I looked her up and down and went back to reading my book.

  21. Ross says:

    Ahh the text didn’t work. I said to the girls “M

  22. Fellow Passenger says:

    As a witness to the whole event I was incredibly impressed by the manner in which you conducted yourself, especially under such intimidating people – props to you, you should be very proud of yourself!

  23. Zen says:

    Seen this guy and his bogan family all the time around Richmond. Pretty certain they live in the housing commission blocks on Elizabeth St.

    Pretty big bloke so I wouldn’t want to get physical with him!

  24. Tony says:

    When you gooks invade our homeland, aussies can’t help but feel uncomfortable. There is no denying a double standard exists. You and your refugee buds can say whatever the fuck you want about us, and we have no idea. In fact, even if I knew exactly what language you were speaking in, and I reported it as racial abuse, no one would care. Everyone likes to hate us whites, you included. If you don’t like the country, feel free to fuck off back to whatever poverty-ridden shithole you came from.

    • James says:

      Tony, your argument sucks. Indigenous Australians were here a long time before any “whites” decided to make Australia their home. And I’m not sure what you’re really proud about because the “whites” who came here were all convicts. And the poverty ridden shit holes that they came from were really jails. What’s your point?

      It’s really ironic that you say that there are double standards and you’re completely right… Because Australia never belonged to “whites” from the beginning. And European settlers never bothered to learn any one of the 250 aboriginal languages while invading their country.

      That being said, those European settlers did a fantastic job in building Australia to the way it is today and I’m not going to take away from that. Views like yours are so hypocritical and self-entitled.

      • nigel elkhorn says:

        His point is for better or for worse Australia was 97% white 30 years ago. Why dont you just come straight out with it and tell white people they have to go jump off a very high cliff like good little brainwashed LEMMINGS because its inappropriate that whites should exist in meaningful numbers let alone actually have their own countries – and l can assure you native white Australians have an affinity with Aboriginal people and get along with them much better than the non-white invaders get along with them.
        You, James, and most of Mr Wongs cheer squad are anti-white. Newsflash – white people have just as much right to organise and work to protect and further their own interests – and survival is pretty high on the list of any sane persons list of interests. Mr Wongs presence in Australia – and non-whites like him – pose a direct and evergrowing threat to the very existence of the white race. Oh but you just want all the whites to get with non-whites, get right into the race mixing and then later on when there are no whites left we can talk about it, right? Yer sure youll be talking about it with the Chinese – and the Indians and the Africans and all the other non-white races that will still be around – after the whites are gone, yup. Yay for white genocide!

        • JM says:

          You like using the word white genocide. So please tell me who is exterminating white people, sterilising white people, or otherwise preventing white people from having as many babies as they want?

          Because if you have none of the above, you don’t have genocide!

    • Pete says:

      I’m white and I was born here.
      I HATE pathetic losers like you, Tony.
      Thinking is too difficult for you, so you go the hack on someone’s appearance.
      What a weak little prick you are.

    • Pat says:

      So what are you going to do pussy? Get a heart attack? I hope you do.

      All talk and no action – what are pathetic loser you are. Usually I’m a lurker when I read blogs I’ll make an exception for hypocritical comments like yours, ‘TURDny’.

      Luckily most people on this blog aren’t hypocritical and self-centred like you.

      • Pat says:

        Ignore this post, I accidentally pressed the ‘submit comment’ button. Read my comment below before making your own, ‘Turdny’

    • Pat says:

      This is a place for sane commenters. You Tony, or should I call you ‘Turdny’, don’t fit in that category. At least the bigot shown in the blog post aren’t cowardly keyboard warriors who are too afraid to show their face, the exact opposite of you. To phrase part of your last comment: ‘F**k off back to whatever troll-infested, low IQ sh*thole of the internet you came from’.

      Turdny’ = ‘OWNED’!

      P.S Nice work JM- it seems that ‘Turdny’ hasn’t bothered to come back, he must be a one hit wonder or a bored troll. To Marcus, you are a true brave hero, keep it up.

  25. nigel elkhorn says:

    You only call whites ‘racist’ to shut them up. Whites have a legitimate concern that they will soon be minorities in their own countries. No other racial group is in the same position. White countries are being flooded with non-whites. China is still Chinese and is not being flooded with non-Chinese people. The same is true in the rest of Asia. Its true for Africa too. White countries and ONLY white countries are being flooded with non-whites.
    White people arent allowed to have their own countries any more – every other racial group – including the Chinese, Mr Wong, are allowed to have their own countries. To even notice this glaring double standard is enough of a reason for people like you to call me a racist. In fact you Mr Wong and the millions like you flooding into white countries are the real ‘racists’ – the obvious and probably irreversible consequence of your ‘racism’ is white disappearance/genocide.
    Whites constituted 33% of the worlds population 70 years ago – the current figure is around 8% and shrinking fast. Your very presence in a country that was until relatively recently considered a white country can be logically described as helping secure the elimination of the white race, certainly if the demographic trends are maintained whites will cease to exist as a viable race in two or three generations from now – and China will srill be 100% Chinese.
    Footnote: China and India should be charged with crimes against humanity and the planet for over breeding such that their respective countries can no longer support their populations forcing millions of them to swarm into any country they can swindle their way into. So much for treading softly on delicate planet Earth – lets just breed like fucking crazy and then move into the white guys countries – hell if they complain we’ll call them racist! That will shut those idiotic whites up! WHITES ARE RACISTS!

    • JM says:

      “China is still Chinese and is not being flooded with non-Chinese people. ”

      Not flooded, but China is already a mix of multiple triable groups and cultures. The concept of a “Chinese person” is a relatively new concept, with different regions having strong ties to their region than to the country as a whole.

      And they are having a lot of migration, from Vietnam, Korea, Japan, especially. Now you probably don’t think they count because you think Asia is one thing, but the Chinese do not see themselves as the same at a Vietnamese and vice versa. There is no “Asian” identity-it’s a myth invented by racists who want to justify the creation of a similarly fictional “White identity”

      “The same is true in the rest of Asia.”

      Yes. Most Asian countries are a mix of cultural and ethnic groups.

      ” Its true for Africa too. ”

      All African countries are a mix of ethnic groups. It’s rare to have a country with a single national identity, let alone an “African identity”

      “White countries and ONLY white countries are being flooded with non-whites.”

      Except, by your own definition, that’s not true. China is mostly non-white, by your defintion, right? So, China is being flooded with non-whites.

      “the obvious and probably irreversible consequence of your

      • nigel elkhorn says:

        Youre in denial. Your own eyes tell you whites are disappearing fast – now down to less than seventy percent in Melbourne. The government and mass media encourage whats left of us whites to get in there and race mix with non whites – breed – thus further hastening our disappearance. If we even notice what is happening we are called ‘racists’.
        Relatively recently whites constituted a large and robust demographic worldwide – now we are being wiped off the face of the planet – government policy now works toward our removal – immigration from non-white countries, affirmative action programs, anti ‘racist’ campaigns to encourage miscegenation, mass media and advertising encouragement of miscegenation and ‘multi-culture’, official denial that there is any such thing as the white race, mass programming of acceptance of the ‘multiculture’.
        Collusion between government, academia and big business to promote and implement policies that are at their very core anti-white – promotion of these policies on a scale that makes the nazis look like kindergarten dropouts.
        According to the UN accepted definition when you “deliberately inflict on a group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part” it is GENOCIDE. This is exactly what is happening to white people RIGHT NOW. Sadam Hussein was charged with the crime of genocide – found guilty and he was hanged until dead. Genocide is a CAPITAL CRIME.

  26. […] looks like my blog post yesterday about confronting a racist guy on the tram got a bit of attention, with almost 8,000 views of my blog during the […]

  27. Andrew says:

    The perpertrator has being hanging around the city for a long time, a couple of years at least. He will already be well known to the police.

  28. mindmadeup says:

    Reblogged at you said it…

  29. White...meh... says:

    Well done Marcus for standing up to this racist scumbag. I would have done the same, and had I been there I would have been supporting you. Tony, FUCK YOU and your racist abuse. You and your tiny-brained racist friends are an tiny, insignificant minority of idiots with no intelligence and no humanity. Why don’t you buy an island, name it Whiteopia, and fuck off to live on it, because you don’t represent Australians, or even “white Australians” for that matter. Nigel Elkhorn, I’m a “white” Australian of Anglo-Celtic and Anglo-Saxon ancestry with convicts and early settlers on both sides of the family, and to be honest, I couldn’t give a shit if there were no more “white” Australians. Your argument is baseless, moronic and obviously based on nothing more than your twisted sense of “white supremacy”. Look at the origins of humankind; your ancestors and mine walked out of what is now Africa. FUCK THE RACISTS! The world is changing, you tools. Get over your fear, drag yourselves out of your hatred, and maybe you’ll make some friends!

    • nigel elkhorn says:

      White meh says: “I

      • White...meh... says:

        nigel elkhorn says, “… people like you who have surrendered their autonomy and signed on to the ruling elites global agenda…” You are a conspiracy theorist. I will not waste any further time on you. Get some help for your paranoia, please, before it destroys you.

        • nigel elkhorn says:

          The ruling elites are pushing the multiculture and globalisation – the non-white invasion is a key component, the net effect is negative for the future survivabilty of white people. Anyone who laments the passing of the whites is labelled a racist to SHUT THEM UP.
          You ‘White meh’ aid and abett the white genocide – you and ‘Wong’ are anti-white racists.

        • nigel elkhorn says:

          @ JM

          • Stephen says:

            Interesting, so you have now made this about a completely different minority that in your view are a ruling elite. Like so many you have also jumped to conclusions about who the people were on the tram. Nowhere does it say they were not white. In fact they could have been speaking Gealic, Welsh, French, German or any other language. You have assumed they were non – White perhaps because of some inbuilt presumption based on your own issues?
            Relax, there is no ruling elite trying to make us white apologists to the world. What is happening is that in liberal countries like ourselves where we do value peoples rights we are also trying to make sure that equality is afforded to all. So what some non historically Anglo dominated countries choose not to do the same should that be an excuse for us not to do the right thing?

  30. Tom says:

    Marcus do you have something against fat people? You could easily get fat one day then you will know what it feels like

  31. JM says:

    “Expressing to your friend on the tram that you wish people could speak in a manner to be understood is not racism”

    Why do you need to hear people’s private conversations, Sepoo? Incidentally, if you went overseas, I trust, you would never speak a word of English at any point, from the second you enter international airspace, until the moment you get back in Australia, right?

    “People on the tram whether singing, carrying on, or talking loudly in English, Swahili or any other language are just annoying. ”

    But the guy wasn’t complaining about someone talking loudly or carrying on. There’s no mention of loud talking at all. The complaint was talking in a language other than English.

    You’re adding details to the case so it’s easier for you to argue on the side of the guy who punches trams. Good luck with that.

    “On the other hand, interrupting private words, publishing them and calling people racist

  32. Charles Erdig says:

    According to your own words, the “tattoo covered troglodyte said under his breath to his scraggy looking girlfriend”.

    Under his breath. Not loud. He was speaking to his girlfriend, not to you. You started the incident, not him. If you had minded your own business there probably would have been no incident.

    Please don’t appoint yourself as the thought police of the rest of society.

  33. mich says:

    I wonder what your response would be, if they were chinese people making loud racist remarks among themselves, about the other people on the tram, under the presumption that nobody else on the tram could understand them ?

  34. Stephen says:

    Interesting so many people going on about Freedom of Speech and actually referring to the US first amendment right and not Australian Law at all. We do not have a Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech like the US. As a liberal country we have rights that protect us such that we can have freedoms of opinion and freedoms of expression. the freedoms of expression have boundaries. It is illegal to commit an act likely to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or group if you

  35. Sharon says:

    Well done to you!! Bullying will not disappear until it is challenged. That said, morons like this man and his girlfriend will always exist and luckily they do not represent everyone in our society. I fear though that the current government encourages this type of divide and conquer mentality through their vilification of asylum seekers and their planned change of discrimination laws.

  36. Sharon says:

    Well done to you!! Bullying will not disappear until it is challenged. That said, morons like this man and his girlfriend will always exist and luckily they do not represent everyone in our society. I fear though that the current government encourages this type of divide and conquer mentality through their vilification of asylum seekers and their planned change of discrimination laws.

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