Melbourne Central ditches dated advertisements

For the past decade, passengers waiting on platform 3 at Melbourne Central station have been greeted by two increasingly dated billboards.

The first was was ‘Pipeworks Fun Market’, located in the northern suburb of Campbellfield.

'Pipeworks Fun Market' advert still in place at Melbourne Central platform 3

The second was a Metcard branded ‘Concession travel is only for concession card holders’ poster, featuring a Hitachi train still in the green and gold The Met livery.

'Concession travel is only for concession card holders' poster at Melbourne Central (I think it's a decade old now?)

Both advertisers sure received value for money from their marketing budget, with the pair of billboards both outlasting their owners – Metcard was replaced by Myki in December 2012, and the Pipeworks Market closed for good in the same month.

The end finally came in early March 2014 during maintenance work in the City Loop, with the two billboards being removed.

Three empty wall panels mark where ‘Pipeworks Fun Market’ used to tout for customers.

The ancient advert for 'Pipeworks Fun Market' finally removed from platform 3 at Melbourne Central station

And just a dirty smear indicates where the massive Metcard billboard used to hang.

Ancient 'Concession Metcards are for Concession Passengers' advertisement removed from platform 3 at Melbourne Central station

By the time the Metcard advertisement was removed, the middle-aged man using an ill-gotten concession ticket was probably old enough to legitimately hold a Seniors Card!

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7 Responses to “Melbourne Central ditches dated advertisements”

  1. AT says:

    Wasn’t there another Pipeworks ad on Platform 1 of Melbourne Central? What happened to that (if it isn’t still there?)

  2. Ben Renegar says:

    I cannot believe a major station in a major city would have a couple of billboards sitting there for over decade and nobody bothered to take them down. It annoyed me every day lol.
    It’s shocking how poorly maintained these loop stations are, I think 90% of the lights running along the blue strip at Melbourne Central are dead. How hard is it to change a light bulb?
    Also, it’s interesting to see Melbourne Central Station in a different font behind where the billboard was too.

    • Marcus Wong says:

      You’re spot on about the huge number of defective florescent tubes along the tunnel wall:

      A lack of maintenance showing at Melbourne Central

      I’ve got a feeling that the billboards and defective lights have sat there unloved because of the difficulty in accessing them – an full track occupation needs to be put into place so trains don’t plow into whoever is doing the work.

      As for the different fonts, the one behind the billboard was the same serif font that was used by ‘The Met’ during the 1990s – the sans-serif font was brought in by Metlink.

      • Ben Renegar says:

        There are dozens of billboards on pretty much every underground station in Sydney, e.g. Wynyard and Town Hall and they manage to change them every few weeks. So it’s laughable that Melbourne couldn’t change a single billboard in so long, ditto with the lights.

        • Marcus Wong says:

          Even ‘minor’ underground stations in Sydney like Edgecliff have billboards:

          Platform 1 at Edgecliff station

          As you say – something strange is happening down here!

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