The return of taxi advertising in Melbourne

When I was younger seeing Melbourne taxis with advertising panels attached to the rear boot was normal, but then they died away. Apparently somebody out there missed them, as this “Back by popular demand” advertisement seems to suggest.

'Back by popular demand' they say? Back of taxi advertising from 'Rova Taxi Media'

I’m guessing that person was the Victorian Liberal Government, as their ‘Moving Victoria’ propaganda is now covering taxis across Melbourne.

Rear taxi advertising from 'Ultimate Media'

As well as the traditional panel on the boot, A-frame boards on the roof have also popped up.

Rooftop taxi advertising from 'Ultimate Media'

The conspiracy theorist in me wants to link this sudden explosion in advertising is due to someone in the Liberal Party owing a taxi advertising company.

Advertising on the back of Melbourne taxis

Some background

Advertising on Melbourne’s fleet of taxis ended in 2005 with the passing of the Transport (Taxi-Cabs) Regulations 2005, Regulation 23(4) of which prohibited operators from attaching non-approved fittings to the inside or outside of their vehicles without approval.

These regulations were reversed in September 2013, following the 2011 Victorian Taxi Industry Inquiry which recommended that advertising should be allowed, subject to size, placement, subject matter and other requirements set by the Taxi Services Commission.

Today there are two different companies selling advertising space on taxis in Melbourne – ‘Rova Taxi Media‘ appears to have contracts with television stations.

Back of taxi advertising from 'Rova Taxi Media'

While ‘Ultimate Media’ and their ‘Taxi Network‘ of advertisement are making a mint from Denis Napthine’s desperate attempts to win the 2014 Victorian state election.

Rear and rooftop taxi advertising from 'Ultimate Media'

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3 Responses to “The return of taxi advertising in Melbourne”

  1. Jacob says:

    Great article and great research Marcus.

    I was curious to know why ads on taxis disappeared. But I never used to see ads atop taxis in Victoria before. Some would say that deregulation has gone too far because it makes it harder to see the tiny yellow lights atop the taxis.

    Even before the deregulation I could not tell which taxi is for hire and which one is not. Why not have a simple LCD sign atop the taxi saying “for hire”?

  2. Daniel Taylor says:

    Really I also never saw ads at the top of the taxi. Actually I m agree with Jacob. But there is little profit by advertising through taxi.Product can be easily promoted almost in the whole city.

  3. Derek Webster says:

    Anyone know where i can purchase these type of advertising signs for trunk lids?

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