Victorian Government propaganda moves fast

Back in late 2013 the State Liberal Government released a new transport propaganda campaign titled “Moving Victoria” – and new advertisements soon appeared around Melbourne. All up at least $3.2 million has been spent on the campaign.

Poster for the Liberal Government's 'Moving Victoria' campaign, featuring the E class trams

On March 26 the Napthine government followed their free wheeling spending by dropping a massive bombshell on Melbourne’s public transport operators – dropping fares to zone 1 prices across the city, and making trams completely free in the CBD.

Less than two weeks after the announcement, the taxpayer-funded propaganda department has kicked into high speed, rolling out the latest iteration of the “Moving Victoria” campaign posters.

The recent 'Free CBD trams and cheaper fares' election promise already promoted as part of the existing 'Moving Victoria' campaign

The changes to public transport fares won’t be brought in until January 2015 – which is after the next state election. Aren’t you glad your taxes are paying for political advertising?


  • A look at the “It’s part of the plan” campaign from a few years ago – both sides of politics are as bad as each other!
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7 Responses to “Victorian Government propaganda moves fast”

  1. scott says:

    “On May 26 the Napthine government followed their free wheeling spending by dropping a massive bombshell on Melbourne

    • Marcus Wong says:

      March, May – they both start with ‘M’. 😛

      Thanks for the proofreading services provided gratis!

  2. scott says:

    I can’t help myself!

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