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Yarra Trams, the British Invasion and 457 visas

Earlier this week Yarra Trams staff held a rally outside head office to protest the recent sackings of tram drivers, as well as union claims of harsh treatment by management. However it was something else that caught my interest.

Melbourne sunrise – from the south?

Watching the sun rise in the east, then set in the west – you’d think it is simple, but sometimes it isn’t.

Sunrise on Bourke Street

PTV and the ‘Model Commuters’ campaign

Over the weekend Public Transport Victoria launched a new education campaign titled ‘Model Commuters’, with the aim of promoting good behaviour on public transport. However the story behind it is long and twisted.

Screenshot of the PTV Model Commuters website

Southern Cross Station’s new Water Tower Clock

Last week a new clock was unveiled at Southern Cross Station – not a brand new one, but a 130 year old ‘Water Tower Clock’ that was originally installed at Flinders Street Station. A nice piece of heritage restored – but unfortunately the motives behind it are less than pure.

‘Chuggers’ inside Melbourne railway stations

As someone who works in the Melbourne CBD, running into “chuggers” (private contractors paid by charities to raise funds) is an every day occurrence. Normally they just clutter up street corners and are easy enough to avoid, but last night I ran into street fundraisers from Médecins Sans Frontières working the unpaid area of Flagstaff station.

Street fundraisers at work in the unpaid area of Flagstaff station during evening peak