Fashion show at Flagstaff station

In my years of commuting through Flagstaff station I’ve seen many things – some normal like massive Myki queues, other annoying like the recent plague of chuggers, and finally some odd ones like this performance piece on the concourse. However this 1985 event takes the cake – a full on fashion show.

“Modelling at a railway station at the Figgins Diorama opening parade” / Photo by Rennie Ellis via the State Library of Victoria.

Fast forward to today and instead of fashionistas nibblings on wine and cheese, we have a detention cell for criminals.

Little used staircase linking the main southern concourse and the upper level walkway to the Flagstaff Gardens exit

A footnote

Figgins Diorama was an upmarket Melbourne department store, located in the former Mayfair Theatre at 167-173 Collins Street. Opened in May 1985, it only operated for 19 months before entering administration in December 1986, closing down soon after.

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2 Responses to “Fashion show at Flagstaff station”

  1. mich says:

    So, there is a phone there now, where there wasn’t one 30 years ago ?

    That’s remarkable.

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