Give with one hand, take with another

All over Melbourne, the Liberal Government is covering the city with posters promoting cuts to zone 2 public transport fares, as part of their ‘Moving Victoria’ propaganda campaign.

They started on tram stops:

The recent 'Free CBD trams and cheaper fares' election promise already promoted as part of the existing 'Moving Victoria' campaign

On taxi roofs:

'Free CBD trams and cheaper public transport' propaganda atop a Melbourne taxi

On the side of trams:

All out advertising blitz for the Liberal Government's cuts to public transport fares from 2015

And onboard trains:

'Moving Victoria' advertisement promoting cuts to public transport fare prices, onboard a Comeng train

Cutting fares AND spending millions in promoting it – where is the money coming from? By cutting how long you have to make a single trip on public transport across Melbourne:

Commuters spared stricter two-hour tickets – for now
June 30, 2014

The roll-out of strict two-hour public transport fares has been delayed, as Victoria’s transport authority irons out potential glitches in the new system.

The fares, which would expire after exactly two hours instead of taking effect from the next whole hour after touching on, were due to begin on Tuesday.

A Public Transport Victoria spokesman said the strict two-hour fares would now be introduced next month, although a date wasn’t specified.

The spokesman would not elaborate as to why there had been a delay, other than to say testing was in the final stages and authorities were still ”finalising system requirements”.

Under the current system, travellers can use public transport for up to two hours and 59 minutes after validating.

In a statement, the PTV spokesman said the stricter fare would aid public transport cost recovery and enable greater investment in the system.

Public Transport Users’ Association president Tony Morton said a lack of publicity ahead of the July 1 deadline, would have taken a lot of people by surprise had the new system started on schedule. He encouraged authorities to raise awareness now, ahead of the anticipated introduction of stricter fares in August.

So why haven’t the government told us anything about their fare rises, unlike their months of advance warning on their “positive” cuts?


Did you notice the “stricter fare would aid public transport cost recovery and enable greater investment in the system” line from the PTV spokesman?

It is good to know PTV understands how the economics of public transport work – pity the government doesn’t when they make a unilateral decision to cut fares and do the exact opposite to cost recovery!

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3 Responses to “Give with one hand, take with another”

  1. scott says:

    It’s a pity they don’t show the same enthusiasm for promoting the fact that 2 hour fares will expire after exactly 2 hours rather than the next whole hour. This was supposed to begin from July 1 but due to technical difficulties is set to commence from next month.

  2. scott says:

    And I should read your entire post as you have already covered what I post!

  3. Aaron says: is nicely blank at the moment. And as you say your rail gallery site is having a few issues. Hopefully you can get through this section of rough riding.

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