If the devil drove a train – the number would be?

If the devil drove a train – would it be numbered 666?

Comeng 666M with a 'temporary' style Metro logo on the front

Or have devil horns on the roof?

Another look at the 'Devil horns' on the Siemens with GSM-R equipment

Bonus content

A contact has since supplied me with a photo from inside the cab of 666M – it appears train drivers like to joke about as well!

Inside the cab of Comeng 666M

Some background

Melbourne’s suburban train carriages are numbered from 1M all the way up to 966M, with a lot of gaps in between.

As for the ‘devil horns’ on the second train, they are actually antennas for the GSM-R digital train radio system which is slowly being deployed across the metropolitan area.

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