Melbourne’s misleadingly named housing estate

Melbourne’s property developers have a habit of stealing names from New York when branding their new apartment complexes – “Tribeca” and “Upper West Side” are two recent examples. However they have managed to outdo themselves, with the “Manhattan Place” housing estate in the outer western suburb of Tarneit.

Advertisement for the 'Manhattan Place' housing estate in Tarneit, Victoria

This is Manhattan. Big city, tall buildings, and a vibrant nightlife.

View of the Empire State Building - by Francisco Diez from New York City, USA

Photo by Francisco Diez from New York City, USA, via the Wikimedia Commons

And this is Melbourne’s “Upper West Side” – a collection of cookie cutter apartment towers built atop the former Spencer Street Power Station at the arse end of Lonsdale Street. Comparing it to New York is a long bow to draw, isn’t it?

Display suite for Melbourne's new 'Upper West Side' development

However this is “Manhattan Place” in Tarneit – a housing estate located on some empty paddocks out the back of Werribee, located about 25 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD, and with no shops or jobs available unless you jump in your car.

Aerial view of the 'Manhattan Place' housing estate in Tarneit, Victoria - March 2009

The main selling point of the estate is the block size, which the since closed website for Manhattan Place points out:

Land that gives you room to breathe, with plenty of space for the kids to play and for you to entertain friends.

Manhattan Place in Tarneit is where you have the rare luxury of living on 700m² plus allotments that give you room to breathe.

Finding an affordable apartment that is 700 square FEET in the real Manhattan would be a tall order!

For those of you using real units of measurement, 700 square feet is just over 65 square meters – roughly a one bedroom apartment.

The developers then move their pitch towards families looking for their second or third homes, and invoke a comparison with New York.

Be among neighbours with the same strong family values. People who value success from working hard ~ and who truly appreciate the style, elegance and sophistication that Manhattan is famous for.

Since the estate is out in the middle of nowhere, and not the middle of the city, the developers have to point out the real world is only a short trip away.

Your home will make entertaining a pleasure, swift freeway access to the theatres, restaurants and social life of the city. A short trip to magnificent ocean beaches, the world class Werribee Park Zoo, ready access to excellent schools, shopping, public transport and local sporting and fitness facilities.

And then mention the restrictive covenants in place to prevent people “not like you” from trashing the place.

Part of the charm of buying land at Manhattan Place is the freedom you have to choose your own architectural design and builder to create the luxury home of your dreams. There is the reassurance of knowing that the building and landscaping standards guarantee an environment of quality and character that protects your investment. It all combines to make Manhattan Place the place to live.

Manhattan Place is located at the corner of Sayers Road and York Avenue, Tarneit – Melway reference 234 K4.

A dead ringer for New York, isn’t it?

Diagram of the 'Manhattan Place' housing estate in Tarneit, Victoria

2020 update

Found a new one – Grand Central Tarneit.

Located right on the edge of Melbourne, halfway to Geelong.

N452 leads the up Warrnambool service between Wyndham Vale and Tarneit

Just another cookie cutter housing estate.

I wonder how long until that ‘proposed’ Riverside station gets built?

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8 Responses to “Melbourne’s misleadingly named housing estate”

  1. Evan says:

    What’s more – New York really isn’t that nice a place!

    But the trend isn’t confined to Victoria:

  2. Andrew S says:

    There was also this wanky description of some offices for lease in Franklin Street in 2013 …[email protected]/8727402823/in/photolist-

  3. Michael Young says:

    Great comment!
    They are at it again … see my comment at the end of the article!

    • Marcus Wong says:

      At least in that case the developer of the ‘Upper Point Cook’ estate attempts to justify the connection:

      Satterley state general manager Jack Hoffmann said the 2000-lot estate would be inspired by the Big Apple.

      It will have small pockets reminiscent of those found in Manhattan and a Bronx-style urban plaza with basketball courts.

      Maybe they are the new trend, taking over from the usual ornamental lake / stormwater retarding basin feature that were common at housing estates developed during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

  4. mich says:

    You obviously haven’t been to Manhattan Indiana or Manhattan Illinois.

    Not too different to Tarneit.

    I haven’t been to Manhattan Kansas, so I don’t really know what that is like.

    Manhattan Indiana is not too far from Shelbyville Indiana, they may have both been founded by Shelbyville Manhattan.

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