When the sun sets over Carlton

To steal a line from the Skyhooks, there is a lot to see when the sun sets over Carlton.

1960s concrete Housing Commission towers.

Housing Commission of Victoria apartment towers

Jeff Kennett’s legacy in the Melbourne Museum ‘blade’.

Central 'blade' at the Melbourne Museum

The dome of the Royal Exhibition Building.

Royal Exhibition Building towers over Carlton

ICI House and St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Orica House and St Patrick's Cathedral

The east end of the CBD.

East end of the Melbourne CBD

And finally, the west end.

Sunset on the north end of the Melbourne CBD


All of the above photos were taken from atop the former Royal Women’s Hospital car park at the corner of Grattan and Cardigan Streets.

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2 Responses to “When the sun sets over Carlton”

  1. Andrew says:

    Northside must be a bit out of your comfort zone. I hope you checked out who you were talking with, and made sure they were real.

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