Melbourne Central’s missing myki machine

At the tram stop outside Melbourne Central Station, there is a black and yellow striped plywood box sitting where the myki machine used to be.

'Bumblebee' box marks where a Myki machine used to be at the tram stop outside Melbourne Central Station

Note that the above photo was from October 2013 – fast forward to a year later and the yellow stripes have faded, hidden beneath a plethora of stickers and tags.

Myki machine at the Melbourne Central tram stop is still missing in action, a year since it was vandalised

As to why the machine was removed – PTV blamed vandalism, at least while this notice was still visible.

Notice that the vandalised Myki machine outside Melbourne Central Station has been removed

Seriously – over a year and PTV still haven’t found a replacement ticket machine for one of the busiest tram stops in the city?


The myki machine at Tecoma went MIA for an extended period back in 2012 – good luck finding an alternate retail outlet that far out of town!

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4 Responses to “Melbourne Central’s missing myki machine”

  1. Andrew S says:

    What was the story with this one near Bourke Street – I don’t recall ever seeing it uncovered. Could I be wrong and it was in use before being vandalised?[email protected]/12495341024/in/photolist-mkcf1e-k3929X-k3aTyd-k391cX-mkeegU-mkcWtg-mkeeP7-mkefEq

    • Marcus Wong says:

      The yellow and black striped boxes usually appeared in the leadup to a Myki machine being installed – in the early days of the rollout, they were a common sight.

      The tram stops on Swanston Street were a little bit odd, in that it took an eternity for the myki equipment to actually be installed.

  2. Paul Westcott says:

    Corio station hasn’t had a Myki vending machine for months, but it did gain a stripey box a week or so ago. Is that progress?

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