MIA – rubbish bins at Melbourne’s stations

Back in September 2014 Public Transport Victoria removed rubbish bins from Melbourne’s railway stations due to the “increased terror alert level”. So where has all of the rubbish ended up?

Rubbish bins also removed from Flagstaff station

Most of the time it just ends up on the platform, with lazy slobs leaving their rubbish wherever it falls.

Rubbish litters the platforms now that the bins have been taken away

As a result, cleaners have to do the rounds more often to clean up after litterbugs.

Cleaner does the rounds of Melbourne Central looking for litter, since rubbish bins are no longer provided

With the bins all removed, extra staff have to clean up after the filthy pigs that catch Melbourne's trains

Extra cleaners on patrol at Flinders Street Station following the removal of every rubbish bin

At least some people try to take their rubbish with them – resulting in rubbish bins outside railway stations overflowing with coffee cups before 9am.

Rubbish bin overflowing with coffee cups outside Flagstaff station

As for the redundant rubbish bins, they were locked up in a cage outside Flinders Street Station for a number of months before they disappeared – sent away to Guantanamo Bay?

Now redundant rubbish bins stored in the 'Milk Dock' at Flinders Street


I reckon you can group people into three categories:

  • Filthy slobs who throw crap on the ground even if there is a rubbish bin right next to them,
  • The pragmatic, who put their rubbish in the bin assuming they can find one,
  • And finally the idealistic, who when presented with a lack of bins, take their rubbish home with them

My desk at work currently has a pile of used tea bags and banana skins to take home for the compost bin, so you can guess into which group I fall!

February 2015 update

The bins are still missing, but the City of Melbourne has picked up some of the slack – they have started to place extra rubbish bins outside CBD railway stations, ready for the morning barrage of takeaway coffee cups.

With no rubbish bins at City Loop station, the Melbourne City Council have started placing extra bins at the exits

March 2015 update

New rubbish bins have now appeared across the network – still see-through like before, but now without anything to keep the bag in place.

New rubbish bins on the concourse, about to overflow with crap

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8 Responses to “MIA – rubbish bins at Melbourne’s stations”

  1. jon says:

    If they do something stupid like removing the bins what do they expect will happen?

  2. Graham says:

    I think the majority of people are pragmatic and will look for and use a rubbish bin, but equally, if the bins are taken away, some people see it as a ‘punishment’ to the business responsible for the removal if they drop their rubbish where the bin was, or leave it somewhere on the property.

  3. mich says:

    If they want “Security theatre”, then let them have it. My occasional act leaving non-portable rubbish where bins have been idiotically removed, is a deliberative artistic and cultural statement.

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