My most viewed blog posts for 2014

I sat down the other evening and had a look at my top 20 most viewed blog posts for 2014 – entries with an asterisk (*) beside them were published this year.

My top post was one I published early in the year, digging into the story behind a viral image of a fire hose crossing railway tracks – the post seems to be getting a lot of traffic even today. Next up was my 15 minutes of fame when my story about confronting a racist guy on the tram ended up in the news.

Heading further down the list we find a number of railway themed entries, some older posts about abandoned buildings in Melbourne, and three old faithfuls – fixing the power jack of a Samsung laptop, the history of National Mutual, and a how-to for fixing digital camera timestamps after daylight savings time changes.

With only eight of my top 20 posts having been written this year, it goes to show the value that writing a “timeless” blog post can give.

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