PTV hiding their new Oakleigh to Chadstone bus service

For the past few weeks Public Transport Victoria have been running 1/3 page advertisements in Melbourne’s mX newspaper to promote a new bus service. So why can’t I find a mention of it anywhere else?

PTV advertisement in mX promoting the high frequency bus service between Oakleigh station and Chadstone shopping centre

The text of the advertisement reads:

Oakleigh to Chadstone high frequency service during shopping hours

With buses from Oakleigh every 4 minutes on weekdays and and every 10 minutes on weekends, the Oakleigh bus service is the best way to get from the city to Chadstone Shopping Centre.

Train services from the city to Oakleigh station depart every 10 minutes, seven days a week.

Take the stress out of your Christmas shopping and relax knowing that a bus is always just around the corner.

This service is prepaid meaning you have to have myki money or a valid myki pass before boarding. Customers who need to buy or top up a myki can do so at Oakleigh station or Chadstone Shopping Centre.

Other than the advertisements in mX, finding any other mention of the new bus service is virtually impossible.

A check of the Public Transport Victoria website doesn’t bring up anything.

PTV 'latest news' page dated December 2014

Searching Google for “ptv chadstone oakleigh shuttle bus” only brings up references to existing bus services in the area.

Empty search results for 'ptv bus chadstone oakleigh shuttle'

The details of a “Free Chadstone Shuttle” also shows up, but this private bus service only runs a few times a day from the city and requires pre-booking – it appears to be targeted at tourists wanting to spend up big.

Chadstone Shopping Centre - free fashion shuttle bus

Eventually, I found a tweet dated December 11 from bus operator CDC Victoria referencing the new service.

So why is Public Transport Victoria promoting their their new Oakleigh to Chadstone bus service so sparingly?

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5 Responses to “PTV hiding their new Oakleigh to Chadstone bus service”

  1. Mathew says:

    Posters at Chadstone list all the services between Chadstone and Oakleigh and their freq.. So it’s not a special/new service, it’s all the services that already run..

  2. David Stosser says:

    There are labels in the underpass at Oakleigh station indicating the walkway from the platforms to the majority of the buses, though it doesn’t indicate that the 625 bus is an option.

  3. Jason says:

    The ads doesn’t refer to the CDC shuttle, it refers to frequency of all the routes when you add them up. The CDC shuttle runs only limited hours.

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