‘Aussie Pride’ – stay classy!

What better way to celebrate Australia Day than to celebrate the things that our great country can build – like your Holden Commodore ute.

Unfortunately this bloke misread the memo – he put a big “Aussie Pride” sticker on the back window, but then switched the Holden badge for a Chevy one.

Aussie pride is: putting a Chevy badge onto your Holden ute?

As for a finishing touch, the other month on eBay this classy registration plate was up for grabs – “WE FULL” on an Australian flag backdrop.

Super classy 'WEFULL' Victorian registration plates for sale on eBay

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3 Responses to “‘Aussie Pride’ – stay classy!”

  1. Andrew says:

    Unfortunately such slogans and number plates and the loaded messages behind them make proper discussion of population numbers in relation to sustainability, the environment and infrastructure, very difficult.

  2. Andrew S says:

    Oh well those with Chevrolet badges on Holdens will finally have their way in 2017!

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