“You can get it fixing the trains”

Hat tip to @rpy on Twitter for finding a V/Line locomotive in an old Victoria Bitter commercial. You can find the full version on YouTube.

The featured locomotive is V/Line’s P18 – it entered service in February 1985 and is still in service today, hauling passengers between Southern Cross and Bacchus Marsh.

P18 at South Geelong

I then did a little more digging, and came across this 1973 VB commercial that also features the “you can get it fixing the trains” line – but this time with a steam locomotives.

1973 Victoria Bitter television commercial featuring steam locomotive R761

This time R761 was the star, but by the time that the commercial was screened, steam on the Victoria Railways was dead – the first diesels had entered service in the 1950s and had slowly taken over the rails, with the last regular steam locomotive hauled train running in April 1972. Luckily for railfans, R761 still exists today, having been restored by volunteers and used on special trains across Victoria.

R761 climbs upgrade towards Bank Box

And another one

Found another Australia beer advertisement feature trains – this time for Carlton Draught.

Starting steam locomotive K190, it was filmed at Yarto on the Murtoa to Patchewolock branch in western Victoria about 1985.

Beer related footnote

Heritage specials are now the only place you can legally buy a beer on a Victorian train – V/Line stopped selling alcohol on their trains in December 2008.

(I’m not counting the Melbourne-Sydney XPT, as they only have light beer)

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4 Responses to ““You can get it fixing the trains””

  1. Andrew S says:

    Not quite beer, but HSV-7’s later version of the ‘Hello Melbourne’ ident from the 1980’s features loco X43 in V/Line Livery. The idents ran between early 1985 and 1987 when Fairfax infamously bought the station and cut Melbourne programming in favour of Sydney-based network programming. Seven news rated near-zero for a while afterwards after the sacking of Mal Walden!

    You can see it in this Ivan Hutchinson Move intro I uploaded to YouTube at 0:43 – this is from shortly before the Fairfax takeover.

    • Marcus Wong says:

      Some very cheesy acting there – ‘running’ down the platform to catch a train that isn’t moving!

      The hovercraft at the 28 second mark appears to be the short lived ‘Courier’ – it operated on Port Phillip for a few months in the summer of 1986-87.

  2. Sir Robert Risson says:

    You can also buy alcohol on the Overland to Adelaide.

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