Architecture in Helsinki advertising trains

Hattip to ‘wxtre’ over on Daniel Bowen’s blog for this catch – Architecture in Helsinki providing the backing track to an advertisement for the new ‘Silver Line’ of the Washington Metro.

The new railway opened on 24 June 2014, while the song itself is ‘Escapee’ from Architecture in Helsinki’s 2011 album ‘Moment Bends‘.

Architecture in Helsinki | Escapee from DIVISION on Vimeo.

Note that in the advertisement the song has been chopped around to suit the commercial – given I know it off by heart, it really messes with my ears to hear it in the wrong order!

Further reading

More about the Silver Line on Wikipedia.

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One Response to “Architecture in Helsinki advertising trains”

  1. wxtre says:

    Thank you for noticing my post. It is an interesting project the DC silver line. Stage II is being constructed at present with includes the Dulles airport.

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