Arbory Bar eats Flinders Street Station

Back in March 2015 a new bar and restaurant opened at Flinders Street Station, located on the site of the dismantled platform 11.

Looking across to Flinders Street platform 10 from Arbory Bar

It is right on the banks of the Yarra River.

Arbory Bar on the banks of the Yarra River, built on the former Flinders Street platform 11

With two entrances – one at Elizabeth Street end, and the other outside Princes Bridge.

Entrance to the new Arbory Bar, built on the former Flinders Street platform 11

And a big fence separating the station from the bar.

New 'Arboury' bar located at the former platform 11

Let us ignore the fact that a better use for the site would be to reopen the platform to cater for increasing patronage, and look at the actual bar and restaurant itself.

While building the bar, the west end of platform 10 was blocked off, with passengers having to squeeze through a single narrow walkway to exit the station.

Congestion at the west end of platform 10, with passengers having to squeeze through a single narrow walkway to exit

Thankfully the area beside the exit ramp is now clear.

Western end of platform 10 taken over by the new bar as a storage area

But the rest of the platform isn’t – the western end has been taken over as a storage area!

Western end of platform 10 taken over by the new bar as a storage area

The piles of beer kegs keep on going and going.

Western end of platform 10 taken over by the new bar as a storage area

Until the platform verandah runs out, and waiting passengers are left out in the bloody rain.

Western end of platform 10 taken over by the new bar as a storage area

There are a million places in Melbourne where you can get a beer, and only so many places where you can catch a train. So why the hell are empty beer kegs stored in middle of a railway station?

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13 Responses to “Arbory Bar eats Flinders Street Station”

  1. misguidedjenni says:

    This bar is the dumbest idea ever. There are many eating and drinking establishments nearby aand being on the south side makes it rather cold. Presumably someone stands to make a lot of money from this establishment. The travelling public obviously don’t matter in the bigger picture.

  2. Beren Scott says:

    Yeah, to be honest, platform 11 isn’t usable as an actual platform due to the Elisabeth St exit on the Yarra side, if you take a look, the stairs jut upwards and through the area where the tracks should be. Take a look, I am pretty sure you lost this platform a long time ago to patronage. Also, the thing is, this platform used to be overflow from the other main lines when there was a track crossing that ran all the way from one side to the other, but this has since been removed I believe as the tracks were relayed into a tighter configuration without the train storage. The platform as is, is only connected to the Sandringham line as it’s closed to the west end, and that to me is pointless.

    Honestly, there are too many platforms at Flinders Street, they serve only as a parking lot for trains. What would be better is if we stopped running to a bloody timetable, and just ran as many trains as possible in peak hour. What occurs is trains are given an added 10 minutes parking time at Flinders Street for no purpose.

    Also, they should have extended another viaduct between southern cross and Flinders street. This is a big bottleneck, and adds 10 minutes to every trains travel time.

  3. Andrew says:

    I took a look at the bar for the first time last week but I did not go to the area where the barrels are stored. That doesn’t seem right to take over public property, but then that battle has long been lost. We will visit Arbory for coffee and a snack one day.

    • Marcus Wong says:

      I went there for some beers with mates the other week – nothing particularly special, and cold in winter since it is outside. The only upside for us was playing “spot the V/Line service” based on horn noises. 😛

  4. Simon Russell says:

    I think the bar is a great idea, and I’m happy to see it there. But the storage of junk on the platform is certainly not acceptable.

    I’ve been meaning to ask Metro Trains whether they’re actually allowed to do this. Certainly seems like an abuse of the license they’ve been given to operate the trains; this isn’t what public land is for.

  5. wxtre says:

    In my opinion the serving of alcohol at a train station is not good. A train station should be designated for the purpose of transport. People are travelling from A to B and do not need distractions such as this or amphitheaters (as proposed in the Flinders street redevelopment), loud music etc. It is illegal to consume alcohol or carry an open container of alcohol on public transport. It could result in anti-social behaviour. Also should alcohol be served in sight of children.

    PS. I believe in NSW they used to have licensed train stations. I may be incorrect but I vaguely remember railway stations serving alcohol when I was on holiday in the past. Maybe someone else knows more about this.

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