How many blog posts do I write in a year?

I’ve just sat down and run the numbers – if I continue at my current blog posting rate, after one year I will have published a total of 142 new entries!

Pile of unopened mX newspapers after the evening peak is over

My current posting schedule is as follows:

As to how I managed to churn out so many blog posts, I don’t actually sit down at the same time every weekend and type out the posts for the next week. Instead, my workflow is as flows:

Step 1:

Add an entry to my ever increasing list of prospective blog post topics. Normally they are just links to newspaper articles, interesting reports in PDF format, or a collection of photos I’m intending to write more about.

Step 2:

Dig through my list of draft entries until I find something that grabs my interest, then start writing and further research.

Step 3:

Hit a roadblock and procrastinate. Writers block, a dead end on the research front, or a lack of photos are common causes.

Step 4 (optional):

Realise I have bitten off more than I can chew for one blog post, and spin off part of it into a future post. A variant of this is when I find other interesting bits and pieces while researching one subject, resulting in a new entry being added to my list of prospective topics.

Step 5:

Decide the post is finished, and put it into my pending articles pile.

Step 6:

Dig through my pending articles pile, and add them to my list of scheduled posts.

Step 7:

You eventually see the article online.


So how long does my workflow take?

My recent ‘Fairness in PTV fare evasion penalties?‘ post started as a draft back in December 2014, and required three separate editing sessions to polish up.

My ‘Where does Geelong’s sewage go?‘ was a much bigger job, being almost two years in the making – I started it way back in August 2013, spent some time on it in December 2014, then polished it off in July 2015.

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5 Responses to “How many blog posts do I write in a year?”

  1. kjwx says:

    Weirdly, I was just wondering about this very topic last week. Had assumed you probably penned your blog posts while utilising Melbourne’s public transport system.

  2. Jason says:

    Interesting. I find I can never revitalise an old post. No matter how much potential the idea had I find they’re cold and stale when I come back to them.

    My favourite way to come up with a good blog idea is to look on twitter – but I look at my own tweets. If I spy a germ of an original idea that I’ve had myself there’s nothing more inspiring.

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