Photos from ten years ago: August 2005

I started taking photos of trains just over a decade ago. So what a better time to borrow an idea from fellow transport blogger Daniel Bowen, and put together a post looking back in time – starting in August 2005.

Eureka Tower was still under construction – Wikipedia says construction commenced in August 2002, with the exterior completed on 1 June 2006.

X'Trapolis in front of an under construction Eureka Tower

The roof over the future Southern Cross Station was also well underway – the renaming from Spencer Street Station didn’t occur until 13 December 2005.

View south along Spencer Street

Inside the station, the platforms were a mess of raw concrete and temporary fencing, making life difficult for intending passengers.

New departure information boards working

Down on Flinders Street the last remnants of the flyover at King Street was being demolished.

Excavator clearing the remains of the Flinders Street Overpass

At Flinders Street Station the last of the original platform ramps was still in place, linking platforms 10 and 11 to the Swanston Street concourse. It was replaced a few months later by escalators and stairs.

Ramp to the Swanston Street concourse from platforms 10/11

At Richmond station an attempt was made to improve the signage presented to passengers, when a LED matrix signage system was installed at the city end. The ‘next train’ part of the display failed on a regular basis and were ditched, with similar functionality not provided until the current LCD screens were installed around the station.

LED displays at the FSS end, working for a change, but not displaying anything of use

Six Hitachi trains were still in service on the Melbourne suburban network, with ‘Melbourne Airport’ being an option on the destination board.

Hitachi 37M-1979T-36M + 105M-1999T-178M at Flinders Street station, with 'Melbourne Airport' displayed on the destination roll

However the rest of the fleet had already been retired, thanks to the brand new Siemens trains that were still being delivered.

New Siemens set awaiting entry to service at Newport Workshops

Over at V/Line the locally built VLocity trains had yet to enter passenger service, but could be found around Melbourne on test runs.

VLocity set 1110 and three car Hitachi set 197M-1981T-3M at Newport Workshops

Leaving V/Line’s red and blue liveried locomotives and carriages the mainstay of their fleet.

N463 on a down Geelong V/line service at Newport station

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4 Responses to “Photos from ten years ago: August 2005”

  1. Andrew says:

    Seems to have been a very active year.

  2. Andrew says:

    I’ve just remembered a friend a decade or so older than myself forecast the end of the world with the removal of the King Street overpass. Ten years on, I view the removal as a success alteration to our city.

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