Bendigo trains and Sunshine station

Since the opening of Regional Rail Link in 2015, the importance of Sunshine as a railway junction has grown, with the four platforms at the rebuilt station being served by a mix of V/Line and suburban train services. However there is one notable exception – V/Line services to and from Bendigo.

VLocity 3VL48 approaches Sunshine on an up Bendigo service

In December 2015 I thought that that V/Line was planning to fix this omission, when a sign reading ‘Ballarat / [blanked out] / Geelong Platform 4’ appeared on the station concourse at Sunshine, with ‘Bendigo’ being hidden beneath the brown sticky tape.

'Ballarat / [blanked out] / Geelong Platform 4' sign for V/Line services at Sunshine

However it was not to be – a few weeks later a new sign appeared, with the mention of ‘Bendigo’ having been removed.

'Ballarat / Geelong Platform 4' sign at Sunshine station - the previous mention of 'Bendigo' has been removed

One can dream of the day when a quick change between a Ballarat / Geelong and Bendigo train is possible!


At Sunshine station it isn’t uncommon for V/Line to dominate the list of next train departures, with their services outnumbering those provided by Metro Trains.

Three of the next four departures from Sunshine station are V/Line services

These trains being:

  • V/Line: 3 trains an hour to Geelong, and 2 trains an hour to Bacchus Marsh, with every second train continuing to Ballarat.
  • Metro Trains: 3 trains an hour to Watergardens, with every second train continuing to Sunbury.

Makes the 20 minute off peak service on the Sunbury line look like a joke, doesn’t it?

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6 Responses to “Bendigo trains and Sunshine station”

  1. Kevin says:

    I think V Line is worried about passengers using their service for metropolitan travel (in this case, Sunshine-Sunbury). Could there be potential for VLine to provide express metropolitan services?

  2. Michael says:

    and not one Warnambool service stops at Sunshine but same train stops Wyndham Vale and tarneit this makes no sense

    • Marcus Wong says:

      You could possibly justify the Warnrambool train stopping at *one* of those stations in order for passengers to connect with other trains or avoid the trip all the way into Footscray, but stopping at both is ridiculous!

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