Level crossing removals and odd advertisements

A week or two ago a new Victorian Government advertising campaign started appearing on Melbourne television screens, promoting the work being done to remove level crossings across the city. However the way they go about getting their message across seems a little strange, as you might also see once you watch the video.

To me, the above skit doesn’t tell the viewer that the project is about giving removing trains from the path of motorists – instead it suggests that workers aren’t building anything, but just travelling around Melbourne pulling down flashing lights and boom barriers!

This second video from the Level Crossing Removal Authority features the same confused idea – titled “Burke Road boom gate removal” it doesn’t feature any of the work done so far to separate road and rail – just destruction of the old level crossing infrastructure.

There is plenty of construction to do, and plenty of construction already completed.

X'Trapolis 165M passes the yet to be commissioned low level tracks at the up end of Gardiner station

Sure, the work is part of the Level Crossing Removal Project, but if all you are doing is removing the boom gates, then all you are left with is this.

Vlocity passes through an unprotected level crossing of DOOM!

Safe, eh?

If I had to come up with an advertising campaign for the project, I’d have a queue of cars sitting in traffic at a level crossing, followed by a new bridge magically appearing over the tracks, and ending with the congestion disappearing as the screen fades to the “Authorised by the Victorian Government” line.

And another example

The obsession with boom gates continues in this January 2016 tweet by the Level Crossing Removal Authority.

As well as this September 2016 article from the Moorabbin Glen Eira Leader.

The level crossing boom gates that once frustrated motorists at Bentleigh, McKinnon, Ormond and Glen Iris now sit in a storage shed.

But the Level Crossing Removal Authority is undecided about what to do with them.

Project director Adam Maguire said the authority would consider giving the landmark red and white barriers to the community.

And this trinket that Daniel Bowen received for being part of a Level Crossing Removal Authority stakeholder group.

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6 Responses to “Level crossing removals and odd advertisements”

  1. Richard Collett says:

    Fully agree Marcus
    This seems to be the result of a marketing exercise, i.e. “The boom gates annoy drivers, so we will show we are eliminating them”.

  2. Mike says:

    Which leads to comments like “But, where do the trains go then? I see they removed it, but what about the building of the new thing for the trains to use?” in the Reddit/melbourne thread about this video 🙂

  3. Albert3801 says:

    The second one states work started 6 months ago and this is where we are now. If it took 6 months to only remove the boom gates then they’re not doing much

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