Revisiting that unlocked gate into the rail corridor

Last year I wrote about how confused sports fans shut down Melbourne’s rail network thanks to an unlocked gate – since then a ‘keep gates locked’ sign has appeared.

'These gates must be locked at all times' notice on an open set of gates

But it appears that it isn’t making any difference, as this disruption notice suggests.

Another “unauthorised person on tracks” between Flinders Street and Richmond.

What use is a sign to close the gate, when nobody listens?

Open gate into the rail corridor at Richmond Junction

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2 Responses to “Revisiting that unlocked gate into the rail corridor”

  1. TheLoadedDog says:

    I can’t help but notice that the signage on equivalent gates here in Sydney is an order of magnitude more official and scary-looking. Lots of BY ORDER stuff detaling what forms of physical, mediaeval torture awaits you and your loved ones at the hands of some huge bloke called Boris in a dungeon somewhere if you even think of parking there. All very government-looking, whereas the signage in the photo looks like something out the back of your local supermarket.

    And this made a theory spring into my head: maybe the employees who use the gate in the photo got sick of being parked in, and decided the only way to stop people parking there was to leave the thing OPEN.

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